Get Critical Emergency Information Via Radio

Where to tune your radio to get critical information in case of a major disaster – KIRO-710 AM serves as a Primary Entry Point (PEP) station for FEMA’s National Public Warning System (NPWS). It provides critical information to the public before, during and after incidents and disasters.
In a national worst-case scenario, KIRO-AM 710 would broadcast a message from the President or other national authorities within 10 minutes. Via FEMA’s Emergency Alert System, other radio stations in the Seattle area would begin re-broadcasting the information coming from KIRO and its news staff. These include 97.3 FM, 97.7 FM, 94.4 FM and 1000 AM.
Local authorities, such as the King County Office of Emergency Management, may also disseminate life-saving information by way of the facilities installed at the KIRO tower site, which have backup communications equipment and power generators, and are specially designed and hardened to withstand various natural disasters and acts of terrorism.

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