Jackson Park Trail Design Consultant

Things are continuing to move along…

Friends of Jackson Park Trail posted a Request for Proposals ad in today’s Daily Journal of Commerce for the design consultant. They have a $15,000 budget in grant funds for the design development and this phase should be completed within a 4 -5 month timeline. The deadline to submit for the ad is March 5th. You can contact Kate Pedersen at: for more information.

Since you can’t see the actual ad on the Daily Journal of Commerce without a login, I wanted to share it here for anybody who was curious…
Consultant Services
Public Trail Design

Submittal Date: March 5, 2010
Landscape architecture firm needed to help Friends of Jackson Park Trail with development of the trail plan for Jackson Park Golf Course. Services will include development of the trail design, recording feedback from public meetings, preparation of preliminary cost estimate, and coordination with Friends of Jackson Park Trail and Seattle Parks. The contract for work requested is $15,000. Interested parties may request the RFQ document by calling Katheryn Seckel at (206)440-3378.

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