Pinehurst Planning and Development Group – Update

Pinehurst Planning and Development Group is a group open to all interested Pinehurst residents. The mission of the group is to help to make Pinehurst an even more vibrant and walkable community.

Some of our issues include 1) influencing developers to build more pedestrian friendly buildings that have attractive designs and green building elements; 2) helping existing businesses to be more successful and attracting new businesses such as pubs, coffee shops and restaurants; and, 3) facilitating ways in which we can continue to grow in our identity as a community.

We have had two meetings so far and are working on scheduling additional meetings in 2008. The upcoming meeting topics will include:

  • Presentation by Mike McGinn of Seattle Great City Initiative on sustainable neighborhood development. (
  • “Good Design” tour and discussion of Pinehurst design dreams and concerns, then subsequent meeting with NE Design Review Board to communicate these thoughts
  • Discussion with Kurt Fisher of Gibraltar and Sy Iffert (both commercial property owners in Pinehurst) about future development they are contemplating in Pinehurst
  • 15th Ave Clean Up and Business District Improvements (Patrick Blaine and Ryan Jones)
  • Creation of a Pinehurst walking map
  • Possibility of a walking/biking trail around Jackson Park Golf Course
  • Possibility of Flexcars in Pinehurst

If you have any questions or if you are interested in participating in Pinehurst Planning and Development Group (whether simply as a listener or as a more active leader), please contact Renee by e-mail or at 206-366-9472.

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