Donations for Tent City #3 (at St. George Church through 12/29)

Jeanne Gleason asked me to pass on that Tent City #3, which is at St. George Episcopal Church (2212 NE 125th St NE) through December 29th, would be very grateful for any of the following donations:

  • D and AA batteries
  • flashlights
  • blankets and sleeping bags
  • gloves
  • socks
  • juice (orange and apple)
  • instant oatmeal for breakfast
  • sugar (packets)
  • coffee
  • hot cocoa

    lunch for Sunday, December 22nd
    – would be good if the sandwiches were meat and/or cheese
    – other items could include fruit/yogurt

    Donations can be taken at any time directly to Tent City #3.

    Please take all donations to the Security Tent and give them directly to a member of the Executive Committee (who should be sitting at the desk in the Security Tent).

    Thank you all for your kindness in thinking of those less fortunate than us.

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