Burglaries Doubled From Last October

Terrie Johnston, our Crime Prevention Coordinator, reported at the North Precinct Advisory Council that though burglaries are down in general in the North Precinct, they are up in Lincoln Sector, the North Precinct sector Pinehurst is in. Last October there were 18 burglaries. This October there were 55. Twenty of the 55 were non-forced entry, meaning entry was from an unlocked door or window. Please help reduce your chances of being burglarized by locking your doors and windows.

Here is a map of the North Precinct sectors. Lincoln Sector is on the right, dark purple, labeled L1, L2 and L3.north_precinct_sectors

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  • Eric Madis

    Someone tried to burglarize our home on Thursday, October 27. The screen was torn off one of windows in our (very private) back yard. However, they did not enter. Either they were interupted and fled, or they realized that the window was locked (and also reinforced with wood). However, the police told me that, in the recent burglaries, the burglars are not hesitating to break windows to gain entry, and that the best prevention methods (other than locking windows and doors) are (1) a dog, and/or (2) an alarm system. Having neighbors watch also helps, but they cannot always watch, so the prevention methods are important.

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