Meeting Summary – Pinehurst Planning and Development Group 2/4/08

There was good turnout and discussion at the Pinehurst Planning and Development Group (PPDG) meeting this past Monday. Here is a meeting summary:

Northgate Rezone
The City has deferred the Northgate Rezone project due to many other projects competing for City resources. Also, the City would like to complete the multifamily code changes and complete work on incentive zoning (both integral elements of the Northgate Rezone) before additional work is dome on this project. The rezone is still on the table, but the timeline is extended. If you have any questions or would like to know more about this project, contact Kristian Kofoed at (206) 233-7191 or at

Kohary Development at 125th and Roosevelt
The Kohary development of 24 townhouse units at the NE corner of 125th and Roosevelt is moving forward. The SEPA review comment period has started for the demolition of the two apartment buildings on the site. Comments are due by 2/13/08. [Link here for more information on how you can make comments.] We understand that no SEPA or design review will be required for the new construction. However, a community member with extensive SEPA background believes that a SEPA review for the 24 unit townhouse development should be required under Washington state law and is providing cites and details on the legal argument for this.

Pinehurst Summer Social Event
We have reserved Pinehurst Playfield and Shelterhouse for Saturday, August 9th to hold a community social gathering. The event will be held from 4 – 7 PM. We have contacted Seattle City Councilmembers, the Mayor’s office, King County Councilmember Bob Ferguson, Flexcar, Cascade Bicycle Club, the Lake City Farmer’s Market and the Seattle Department of Planning and Development Residential Green Building Program so far to invite them to the event. We also plan to reach out to neighborhood businesses and community organizations. We plan to apply for a Department of Neighborhoods Neighborhood Climate Protection Fund small and simple grant to help with outreach and set up costs for the event.

Anyone with suggestions or interest in helping with this event should contact Renee by e-mail or at 206-366-9472.

Good Design Tour
The Good Design Tour is being rescheduled for a weekend afternoon so that we will be better able to see the designs we are using as examples. Stay tuned for more information soon. Thanks to Brad, Lisa & Peder for their efforts on this.

Small Neighborhood Street Fund Projects
The Neighborhood Street Fund is an annual program that funds smaller neighborhood street and park projects such as sidewalks, traffic calming and crosswalks. Anyone can submit an application and the form is short and easy to complete. Applications are due February 22nd. Information and applications can be found here. Contact Kadie Bell at Department of Neighborhoods, and 206-684-0607, with any questions.

Jackson Park Walking Trail
We continue to hear positive reaction to the idea of a walking trail around Jackson Park Golf Course. We have reached out to Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation and others. This is a project that would take a number of years to implement, but it seems like it could be a possibility.

15th Avenue Cleanup and Business District Improvements
A number of Pinehurst community members have expressed a desire to improve the 15th Ave corridor. Improvements range from holding a sidewalk clean-up day to more permanent improvements in the business district.

Patrick Blaine and others in the Gemstone II Condominium Association are especially interested in this project and have volunteered to help organize a 15th Ave Clean-up Day in April. We will post information on the event to the blog when it is available.

Seattle Great City Initiative
Michael McGinn, founder of Seattle Great City Initiative (, spoke about the Seattle Great City Initiative’s (SGCI’s) history, mission and resources for neighborhoods. SGCI is a group of environmentalists, neighborhood leaders, business people, and citizens working together to enhance our quality of life, help preserve our region’s natural beauty, and make Seattle a model of economic and environmental sustainability.

Michael is very interested in the Good Design Tour being developed in Pinehurst and has asked for SGCI to perticipate in the event. The event organizer are in contact with Michael and his staff to coordinate.

Upcoming meetings and other important dates:
Neighbor Appreciation Day – February 9th
Northgate Urban Center Park Public Meeting – Wednesday, February 20th, 6:30 – 8:30 PM at Northgate Community Center
Pinehurst Playfield Shelterhouse Design Meeting – Saturday, March 8th, 10 AM at Pinehurst Playfield Shelterhouse

Next PPDG meeting will be held Monday, February 25th from 7 – 9 PM at St. Matthew’s. Agenda includes:
Workforce Housing – How can median wage families ($65K a year for a family of 4) afford housing in Seattle? What can we do to ensure an adequate amount of affordable housing in Pinehurst? We are very fortunate to have members of the Workforce Housing Initiative from the Urban Land Institute present to our group.
Block Watch/Crime Prevention – Diane Horswill, North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator, will answer community questions and will discuss what we can do to help prevent crime in our neighborhood.
Green Legacy for All – Brice Maryman of the Green Legacy Coalition will speak about the group’s proposal for renewing a parks levy in 2008 and participate in a discussion on “green infrastructure” priorities for Pinehurst. (This is one possible way to secure some funding toward a Jackson Park Walking Trail.)

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