Sustainable Street Design for 115th with Sidewalk and Swales

Many people in Pinehurst have expressed an interest in seeing a sidewalk built on 115th between Roosevelt and 5th Ave NE. We recently learned that a design has been developed that integrates a sidewalk and natural drainage on 115th between Roosevelt and 5th Ave NE. Shauna Walgren from the Neighborhood Street Fund will be presenting more details on this project at the March 31st Pinehurst Planning and Development Group meeting (we are very fortunate that she is willing to join us).

The design includes swales similar to those in the Pinehurst Green Grid Drainage Project on the eastern side of Pinehurst. The swales offer drainage that more closely mimics the natural landscape prior to development than traditional piped systems. For photos and more information on some completed swales/natural drainage projects in Seattle, link here. Here are a few of the photos courtesy of Seattle Public Utilities.

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