Draft Northeast Seattle Trails Project Map – feedback needed by November 2nd

Feet First’s draft map for the Northeast Seattle Trails Project is now available for comment on-line! Please check out the map at the links below and get any comments that you have in by November 2nd. After final comments are incorporated, maps are expected to be printed for use in late December or early January.

Some questions to consider as you look at the draft map:

  • Does it have the information you need to have a good walking experience?
  • Is there other information you would want to see on the map?
  • If you’re familiar with the area, does it show paths you would take?

Click here to view the Draft map.

Click here to view the back side of the map.

Send your comments to by November 2nd 2009.

Not familiar with the NEST project? Read more about it here.

Here are jpgs of the map. Click on the images to enlarge. And, go to the links above for pdf quality images:

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