Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

We’ll start off the new year with 12 year old Priyna’s thoughtful poster in the pocket park. She made it at Pinehurstfest last July, but the message is definitely still good. See it in the kiosk at NE 117th St and 19th Ave NE through January. Thank you, Priyna, for the reminders for being good citizens, and your advocacy for a healthy planet!

If you would like to submit your child’s artwork (or yours!) for the Pocket Park, please email

Safe Streets – Some New Rules in 2020

Starting January 1, there are some new laws for street safety. I’ll summarize most here, but go to (who I am plagiarizing liberally) to read in its entirety. Hopefully these will make Pinehurst streets safer.
Pedestrians: Current law is updated to clarify that a person walking on a roadway without a sidewalk or shoulder is not legally required to throw themselves into the bushes or a ditch in order to get out of the way of a car. You are still supposed to move out of the road, but only “when practicable.”
Pedestrians: Someone with a disability is not required to use the sidewalk whether that sidewalk is accessible to them or not. This clarifies the existing law.
Drivers: People driving will now have clear instruction on how to safely and legally pass someone on a bike:
  • If there is more than one lane in the direction of travel, people driving must “completely” change lanes to pass.
  • If there is only one lane in the direction of travel, people driving must slow to a safe speed “relative to the speed of the individual” and only pass once there is at least three feet of space between their vehicle and the person biking. If three feet is not available, people driving must change lanes into the opposing lane when it is safe to do so.
Cyclists: The new law clarifies the responsibilities of people biking. If there is enough space in the lane for safe passing, people biking must ride to the right to allow passing. But they are not required to squeeze to the right if there isn’t enough space in the lane for safe passing, or if “other conditions make it unsafe to do so.” So if there is debris or damaged pavement or parked cars with doors that could swing open at any moment or another road user, cyclists are not required to move right.
Cyclists:The new rules clarify that cyclists are allowed to bike in the right turn lane even if they intend to go straight.

Coyote North Opening in Lake City

Coyote sparks creativity in young people, putting tools in their hands to build skills and forge their futures.

  • Students apply and strengthen knowledge of core academic material through hands on projects

    • Woodshop: measurement, math, geometry, weight balance, 2D + 3D thinking

    • Glass Flameworking: combustion reactions, temperature, melting points, viscosity

    • Video Game Production: programming, language, 2D + 3D thinking

    • The list goes on!

For more info:

Advisory Committee Participation Sought – Northgate Elementary

 Participants needed to advise on zoning modifications to Northgate Elementary School

Here’s your chance to serve on an advisory committee that will recommend whether to grant zoning modifications desired for Northgate Elementary School. Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is seeking community members to serve on this committee.

The Seattle School District is requesting modifications (also known as “departures”) from select City zoning regulations for the renovation and addition to the Northgate Elementary School located at 11725 1st Ave NE. The modifications requested are:

1) Greater than allowed building height.

2) Reduced on-site parking.

3) Reduced bicycle parking.

4) Electric message board.

5) Off-site bus loading.

The committee will convene up to three public meetings at Northgate Elementary School over a three-month time periodThe committee will receive briefings from the School District and gather and evaluate public comment on the departure requests.

Following these meetings, the committee will make a recommendation to the Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections (SDCI) to either grant or deny the requested modifications. The committee may also recommend relevant conditions be applied to granting these changes to minimize its impacts on the surrounding neighborhood. SDCI will make the final decision.

Those who can apply to the committee are neighbors who live or own a business or property within 600’ of Northgate Elementary School, residents in the surrounding neighborhood, representatives of city-wide education issues, PTO members, and parents of Northgate Elementary School students. Other committee members will include a representative from the School District and City of Seattle.

To apply, please send a letter of interest by either e-mail or regular mail to:

Maureen Sheehan

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

PO Box 94649

Seattle, WA 98124-4649


Letters of interest should be received by Friday, January 17. For more information contact Nelson Pesigan at or call 206-684-0302.

The City of Seattle is committed to promoting diversity in its boards and committees; women, young adults, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities, persons of color, and immigrants are highly encouraged to apply.

The Major Institutions and Schools Program provides a way for neighbors of Seattle’s hospitals, universities, and colleges to be directly involved in the development plans for those institutions to ensure neighborhood concerns are considered when those plans are made. It is a program of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for December 2019

This month’s guest speaker was Ann Forrest, Chair of Northeast Seattle Hubs. She explained the function of the community emergency hubs, such as the ones at Lake City’s Fred Meyer parking lot and Victory Heights Playground. The hubs are places where people can go after a disaster to get information and help if normal forms of communication are down (such as internet and phones). Here are some things the hub can facilitate:

  • Hook up people who have stuff with people who need stuff
  • Disseminate information. Ham radio operators will be on duty. The city will broadcast information at the top and bottom of each hour, and the hubs will post it for all to see.
  • Trained volunteers will have helpful advice on how to cope with the disaster challenges and help individuals share their knowledge with neighbors.

Hubs will not have material things such as water, food, tools, tarps. Households are expected to prepare these things for themselves ahead of a disaster. For more information and links to Seattle Emergency Hubs and the city’s website on emergency preparedness and the hubs, read the minutes – link at bottom.

Auto theft is down across the city, but up in the north precinct. Lock your car, don’t turn it on to warm up then go back in the house, use a club on the steering wheel.

Two studies recently showed that our precinct is understaffed (we knew that already, right?). One said optimal staffing would require 32 additional officers, but a minimum of 19.  North precinct has been promised some new officers as they come out of the police academy starting in mid-December.

Read all the minutes here.

Pinehurst Picks

Space needle with twelfth man flag – anyone know where this pole is?

Please send in photos of art – or anything unexpected and fun – that you see on your walks around the neighborhood, to

Holiday Event at Licton Springs – December 21

Come to Mineral Springs Park on Saturday, December 21st from 1 PM to 4 PM for a FREE holiday event including music, holiday card-making activities, festive games, hot beverages and snacks.

Bring winter clothing items for donation to Aurora Commons.

Musical Performances by Seattle Sugarplum Elves from 1:30PM-2:30PM.

All are welcome! Event will be rain or shine!
Facebook Event:

Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

December’s art in the park is by nine year old Ella. She made this colorful abstract at Pinehurstfest. Take a winter walk to the park to see this cheerful piece in the kiosk at NE 117th St and 19th Ave NE. Thanks, Ella!

If you would like to submit your child’s artwork (or yours!) for the Pocket Park, please email

Nathan Hale Urban Farm Winter Open House

NOON TO 2 pm

Greenhouse North of Jane Addams Middle School

More details here:


They’ll also be at the Ballard Sunday Farmer’s Market on December 1st!


Continue reading Nathan Hale Urban Farm Winter Open House

Lake City Living Memorial Triangle

Volunteers/neighbors are organizing to create a memorial and beautification project after the violent events of March 27, 2019 at and around the bus stop on 125th Ave NE and the triangle of land at Sand Point Way NE and Bartlett Ave NE in Seattle. Click on image below for details of the event.

The Lake City Living Memorial Triangle group has been awarded the City’s Small Sparks Grant in the amount of $4,991. Seattle Parks Foundation is its fiscal sponsor.

In this stage of the ongoing efforts, it will focus on planting trees along Sand Point Way and Bartlett, as well as ground-cover/shrubs around the oak tree the group planted in July. It will need people and tools to get this new work done before March 27, the 1st anniversary of the shootings.


  1. To be notified of future updates, follow the prompts to be added to the email list. Or ask to be added by emailing
  2. Join the next meeting: Monday December 9 from 6 to 7 pm at the Lake City Community Center.  It intends to meet on the 2nd Monday each month for these meetings.
  3. See photos of the work so far.
  4. If you wish, donate money via Seattle Parks Foundation once it gets their website set up.
  5. Volunteer to help plant the trees. Also, do you have contacts who may be willing to donate their equipment, skill and/or time? If so, please ask if they’d be willing to help the Lake City Living Memorial Project:
    • work partiers – The plan is to plant 7 trees and 30 or so ground-covers. They will need people and tools to get this work done before March 27, the 1st anniversary of the shootings. Dates will be set for early 2020.
    • graphic artist –  The group would like to design a straightforward communication flyer letting neighbors know about its plans.
    • photographers, amateur or professional  –  Well-taken photos would be a powerful addition to the communication aspect of the work.
    • surveyor – It * might* eventually need a professional survey as the project progresses