Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park – for February, the month for valentines, Erika, an adult,  constructed a heart in the manner of yarn art traditionally made by the Huichol people who live in Mexico. Check it out in the kiosk in the park at NE 117th St & 19th Ave NE.

If your child (or you!) would like to show art in the park, contact

Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge Update

The following construction activities will be taking place over the next several weeks:

I-5 express lane off-ramp (at 1st Ave NE and NE 103rd St)

A long-term single-lane closure of the express lane off-ramp at 1st Ave NE and NE 103rd St will remain in effect for the next several months. One lane on the express lane off-ramp will remain open during the regularly scheduled express lane daytime hours of 8 AM to 11 PM.

East side of I-5 (1st Ave NE between NE 92nd St and NE 107th St)

  • Electrical work
  • Demolition and installation of curb ramps at NE 92nd St and NE 94th St
  • Nighttime grading and curb work on northbound 1st Ave NE at 107th St
  • Sidewall support work
  • Placing bridge spans
  • Installing steel reinforcements and pouring concrete structures for bridge support
  • Installation of shoring structures
  • Installation of bridge decking and handrail

West side of I-5 (north side of North Seattle College and along N 100th St) 

  • Grading (leveling land) for bridge landing and trail
  • Grading and pouring concrete for sidewalks, curb ramps, and gutters
  • Demolition of southbound College Way N
  • Grading of northbound and southbound College Way N
  • Electrical work for lighting at the north entrance of the college

I-5 median (near the I-5 northbound express lane at NE 103rd St)  

  • Preparation and staging for bridge span deliveries

Next steps

Upcoming bridge span installation over I-5: The next major milestone will be the installation of spans across I-5 in May 2021. During this work, they’ll erect 2 bridge spans; each will be assembled in the median of I-5, moved into place using self-propelled transporters, and lifted by cranes. The first set of spans will be delivered in February and the second set will arrive in March. They’ll be in touch in the coming months with information about nighttime and weekend detours related to this work.

What to expect during construction

  • Some noise and construction vehicle activity, including cranes
  • Some nighttime and weekend work
  • Detours for people walking and biking
  • Lane reductions on Northgate express lane on- and off-ramp
  • 2 freeway closures and detours (on weekends and at night only)
  • Construction staging and parking impacts near the construction sites, including at the north side of North Seattle College along N 100th St and on NE 100th St at 1st Ave NE
  • Closure of the North Seattle Park & Ride on 1st Ave NE

Questions during construction? Contact:

Darrell Bulmer
(206) 905-3620

Seattle Home Fairs 2021

Our neighborhood is changing, as all do over time – new houses, new backyard cottages, changing transit, etc. Seattle Home Fairs is on-line this year. It’s January 30 and February 6. Wondering about beautiful Douglas firs that get cut down? You can learn about Seattle’s tree regulations. Interested in building a backyard cottage? Also on the agenda is info about emergency preparedness, rental housing, earthquake home retrofit, and more.

Click here for information.

Light Rail NE 130th St. Station Access Update

Here’s some information on passenger access to the NE 130th Light Rail station. Note that it is slated for completion in 2031, but might be rescheduled earlier. There will be no parking at the station, so pedestrian, bike and transit access and connections are important. The blog post has a link to the Multi-Modal Access Study, which you might find interesting. Click here.



The Puppyhurst Doggo News

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Puppyhurst is Our Pack
Dateline: Thursday, January 14, 2021
Yesterday, our roving rover reporter went full pupper-azzi when she found one of her favorite humans in the world at the mail boxes: the fabulous Jovie, star of mail boxes, white trucks, and crunchy dog biscuits. Jovie, a serious dog lover, knows all the doggos by name on her route and keeps special treats for them. And the doggos love her back. And not just for the treats. Puppyhurst loves the time she takes to get to know their personalities. Just driving down the street brings joy to their hearts and pups to their paws. Just listen to what West Highland White, Lexi, barked about Jovie, “I *LOVE* Jovie! She just gets me. She always has treats and takes the time to say Hi! How great is that?!”
We agree, Lexi! Thank you, Jovie, for being a superstar in our neighborhood. The dark days of winter are brighter for your being here.

Phase Finder – Covid Vaccination Eligibility

Phase Finder, the website for finding out if you’re eligible to get a covid vaccination is up and running now. It will issue you a certificate and register you if you are qualified for the current phase. Your answers are on the honor system.

You can choose a place to get the vaccination, schedule an appointment and show the certificate. Looks like most places on the list are doing phase A1 & A2 vaccinations but not yet scheduling for the B1 phase. I assume more places will be put on the list as vaccinations ramp up, such as the city sites.

I know someone in B1 who was approved today (January 18) but wasn’t able to schedule an appointment nearby. It will get easier and more available soon.…/Immunization/VaccineLocations.

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for January 2021

NPAC met for the first time on-line via Zoom. SPD Chief Adrian Diaz was the guest speaker.  SPD is working to update recruitment criteria. Emphasis will be on ‘serve others’ mindset. Though currently there are still preference points for being a veteran (this is a state law), there is talk of adding points for prior community service work, and speaking more than one language.

Recently SPD lost the equivalent of the total number of officers in ours, the north precinct. Many were through retirement, but also some far younger officers left. SPD is collaborating with city council and the mayor to reimagine policing, but it’s important that there be enough patrol officers to handle 911 calls. City council allocated some budget for hiring officers to fill that critical need.

The challenging issues of homelessness are no longer in SPD’s purview (except for crime). The city is working up plans for how other departments and organizations can take over this work.

You can read the minutes here.

Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

Happy New Year! To start the year off with a bang, January’s art in Pinehurst Pocket Park is a beautiful, fierce eagle drawn by 9 year old Dominic. Thanks, Dominic, for this wonderful addition to the park! View the art and stroll around our little pocket gem at the NE corner of 19th Ave NE & NE117th St.

Dominic is a student of artist Victoria Raymond, who offers art lessons in her Pinehurst studio for both youth and adults.

If your child (or you!) would like to show art in the park, contact

The Puppyhurst Doggo News

Winter Season – Hounds and Hygge
Dateline: Monday, December 28, 2020
On her walk through rare December sunshine, Puppyhurst Doggo News rover reporter, Ceiba Bunny, met up with Harvey, age 4, an athletic Mini Aussie. This lovely floofy fellow came to live in Puppyhurst as a pupper and enjoys walking the neighborhood. But his real passion is for frisbee. As a triathlete with energy to spare, he loves frisbee, and the agility course, and jumping. But he can be a hard worker, too. Before the pandemic, he went to work with his human mom where he would spend time with other working doggos. This gave him lots of time to learn to socialize with others and hone his serious side. Alas, Harvey will be moving to Madrona soon, but as much as he will miss his neighborhood, he is looking forward to the adventure. “I love to go to new places and meet new people, so this will be no problem!” Harvey woofed. He told Ceiba, “I have an older cat brother, and I think I can help him get comfortable with the new place. It’s what you do for people you love.”
No matter where you go, Harvey, you will always be part of the Puppyhurst pack!

GoFundMe for Small Businesses Lost in Strip Mall Fire

Seattle Police and Seattle Fire responded in the evening of Dec. 28 to a possible burglary that turned into a large fire that destroyed several businesses at NE 127th St across from the Lake City post office.

Investigators determined that it was arson. Seattle Fire estimates the loss is about $2.7 million. Seattle Police Arson and Bomb Squad will follow up to investigate, and the suspects are still outstanding. Anyone with information should call Seattle Police.

The Office of Economic Development and the Office of Emergency Management are working with business owners to pursue local, state, and national support and assist businesses filing insurance claims. Our District 5 Councilmember Debora Juarez’s office is coordinating with the Department of Constructions and Inspections to provide architectural drawings to investigators so they can safely examine the property.

Below is a consolidated list of the GoFundMe accounts for the businesses and their employees.

Here is a consolidated list of the GoFundMe accounts to donate money to the small businesses ruined in the strip mall arson fire across from the Lake City Post Office. We’ll pin this to the top of the group feed as an announcement.
Information about the fire is here:
Gifted Cutz and Gifted Nailz GoFundMe for Will Barker’s Black-owned business:
Ninety Nine CentsStore GoFundMe by Pinehurst Seattle member Marti Hott for owner Mary and her employees:
Aloha Ramen GoFundMe by owner Hanna Choi for her employees:
Papa Murphey’s GoFundMe by owner Melissa Von Ruden for her employees (and a small portion for rebuilding):
Small Business GoFundMe by Pinehurst Seattle member Jenn Eaglespeaker
Teriyaki Time GoFundMe by Jane Badamaa for rebuilding and employees:
Build Lake City Together and Children’s Home Society of Washington: