Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

July’s art in Pinehurst Pocket Park is by Tillie. She was six at the time she drew it at our 2019 Pinehurstfest. Wow, she’s probably eight now! Check it out in the kiosk at the park on the corner of NE 117th St & 19th Ave NE. Thanks Tillie!
If your child (or you!) would like to show art in the park, contact

Northgate Mall Redevelopment

We’re probably all aware of the building going on for the hockey training center at Northgate Mall. Here are some articles that may be interesting:

A description of planned building on Northgate Mall and nearby: Northgate’s Construction Spree is Just Starting

A new mental hospital will, hopefully, ease the mental health problems in Seattle when it is built about a mile NW of the mall: Seattle Mental Hospital – the Third in WA – to Begin Consstruction Soon.

How malls were developed with white suburban shoppers in mind, and how the failing malls can now be redeveloped – Mall Redevelopment Can Achieve Sustainable, Equitable Diversity in American Suburbs

Sign Up to Be on the 6/12/2021 Yard Sale Map by End of 6/10

If you plan to have a yard sale and want to be on the map showing the yard sales occurring Saturday, June 12, 9 am – 1 pm in Pinehurst and Victory Heights (29 of them so far!), please sign up before end-of-day Thursday, June 10.

Use this website to sign up:

We will publish the map (minus email addresses) in Facebook groups Pinehurst Seattle, and Victory Heights, Seattle, WA at 8:45 AM the day of the event so no one can show up early. And for shoppers not on Facebook, we’ll post the map on the kiosks at Pinehurst Pocket Park (19th Ave NE & NE 117th St) and Victory Heights Playground (19th Ave NE & NE 106th St).

In addition, we will email each seller a flyer to print out, with the URL and QR code to the online map so pedestrians to happen upon a sale, unaware that it’s a community event, can find other locations.

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for June 2021

Here are the North Precinct Advisory Council minutes for June 2, 2021. The guest speaker at the June 2, 2021 North Precinct Advisory Council meeting was Jim Fuda, Executive Director of Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound. Through Crime Stoppers’ app P3Tips, website or 1-800-222-TIPS, one may anonymously submit a crime tip. It’ll be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency, and there is a $1000 reward if it results in an arrest and conviction. More info in the minutes:…/1RLJNKMV0VytIPIOCYiA0…/edit…
For North Precinct crime stats, year to date compared to last year year to date, crime is up 3% overall (citywide it is up only 1%); robbery is up 9%; burglary up 1%; theft up 7%; assault up 27%.
Last year Seattle Night Out was cancelled, and it is not decided whether there will be one this year.

Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

June’s kids’ art in Pinehurst Pocket park is by Ella. She was nine at the time she drew it at the 2019 Pinehurstfest. Sadly, we had to cancel the 2020 festival, so we have no newer pictures. But we love this one! Go see it in the kiosk at the park on the corner of NE 117th St & 19th Ave NE. Thanks Ella!
If your child (or you!) would like to show art in the park, contact

Community Scavenger Hunt On-line Map

Over 70 neighbors enjoyed our recent community scavenger hunt! But it’s not too late to try it yourself. Instead of the paper map and question/answer sheet we handed out at the Pocket Park, now you can access it on-line:

It goes like this: use the map to locate where you want to start, and click on a blue numbered marker to bring up the question that tells you what you’re looking for. Also displayed are three multiple choice answers. Which is the correct answer?



Sign Up To Be On The Community Yard Sale Map June 12

Do you have stuff, I mean, treasures, to sell? Do you want to be on our community yard sale map? This event will be Saturday, June 12, 9-1. Of course you can stay ‘open’ past 1 if you wish!
If you’d like to sign up as a seller, go to as soon as possible to note your interest and to get on the map. We’ll only share your information between the sellers, in case you want to coordinate to combine your locations.
For buyers, the map will be published at 8:45 am the morning of the event, so early-birds cannot get the jump before it starts.

Pinehurst Pets at the Stick Library

Another happy patron of the Pinehurst Pocket Park stick library! Six month old Ronak enjoyed testing brand new freshly whittled sticks. He’s half grown now; he’ll be a big boy!

Lake City Urban Village Housing Update

Here’s an article in The Urbanist that reviews housing development in Lake City either recently or in design. Lake City will provide quite a bit of affordable housing for our housing crisis. The first paragraph reads “Long predominantly flanked by auto dealerships and auto shops, parking lots, and single-family homes, Lake City Way is seeing an influx of multifamily development. This corridor links the Lake City hub urban village with Roosevelt and Seattle’s northeastern suburbs. Upzoned in 2019 when Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) went citywide save for single-family zones, the City now allows the vast majority of the corridor to develop taller residential and commercial buildings.”

Lake City on the Rise with Hundreds of Apartments

Sign Up for the Community Yard Sale – June 12

Plan ahead to join the community yard sale! Got stuff to sell? Sign up and we’ll put you on the map so people can find you. Here’s the signup:

Just want to shop? We’ll put up flyers in Pinehurst Pocket Park and Victory Heights Playground on Saturday morning with a link and QR code to the map.