Find It, Fix It Walk Grant

As part of participation in the Find It, Fix It Community Walk, we get to submit proposals for a $3,000 grant to do something to improve safety or appearance of our neighborhood.

Proposals are accepted starting a week before the walk (which is April 25) and for two weeks afterwards. Please read the blurb below and send your ideas to, or contact the city directly as shown in the blurb.

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes – April 2017

This month the guest speakers were the three City Council Members who represent neighborhoods in the North Precinct – Rob Johnson, District 4, Debora Juarez, District 5 (Pinehurst is in D5), and Mike O’Brien, District 6.

They are all in favor of replacing the overcrowded and old precinct building, but are looking for ways to reduce the cost of the current proposed design.

They are for hiring more police officers, but reminded us that our crime problems aren’t all solved by police. There are root causes that need to be addressed via social services, such as drug addiction, mental illness, lack of affordable housing.

Crime statistics indicate that burglaries are down this year so far, as well as auto theft. Sexual assault is up (but vast majority is by non-strangers), as is domestic violence. Most of them involve drugs or alcohol. Car prowls are up 12% over last year – 1400 year to date. Hot spot is Green Lake and up Aurora to 105th.

Read all the minutes here.

Find It, Fix It Walk Preliminary Meeting – All Welcome

Mayor Murray is doing a Northgate/Pinehurst Find It, Fix It Walk on April 25th. Pinehurst Community Council has been collecting ideas for problem areas to show him via this blog and the Pinehurst Seattle Facebook group.

We invite everyone who made suggestions, and anyone else who is interested, to meet with us for a preliminary planning meeting to discuss the upcoming walk (which is April 25), go over the suggestions, and decide which to propose at the upcoming city-hosted walk planning meeting (April 11).

Our Council’s planning meeting is Thursday, April 6, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm in the back room at Amante Pizza, 12319 Roosevelt Way NE. 

We hope to see you there!

Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

Six year old Kaitlyn drew this beautiful rainbow at Pinehurstfest last summer. She got the science right, too – rain + sun = rainbow. Thanks, Kaitlyn, it looks great in the Pinehurst Pocket Park kiosk!. It will be there through April. The park is on the corner of NE 117th & 19th Ave NE.

If you would like to submit your child’s artwork for the Pocket Park, please email 

New Pinehurst Bakery + Pop-up Events!

I ran into Josh recently (and got to try some of his amazing bread!) and asked if he’d like to introduce himself to the neighborhood. There was a LOT of excitement recently when the sign went up and I thought people would be particularly excited about the pop-up events they will be doing in the neighborhood on the 2nd Saturdays beginning April 8 from 9am to 12pm until they get the remodel done and open fully. –Phillip
Hello Pinehurst!!

Standard Bakery was started in 2014 by me, Josh Grunig, a career baker and passionate food enthusiast. I started the bakery as a weekly pop-up in the Central District. After a year, I ventured into wholesale for coffee shops throughout Seattle. In 2015, we began selling at farmers markets including the Fremont SundayMarket and U-District Farmers Market.

We specialize in croissants, cookies, muffins and naturally leavened sourdough bread. Our focus is sourcing our primary ingredients from Washington. We love featuring seasonal produce like cherries, apples and apricots directly from local farms. We are also exploring the amazing flavors that come from whole grain baking. We use several different types of wheat flour including emmer, red fife and hard red wheat all sourced from local farms.

Standard Bakery has been operating out of our space at 11752 15th Ave NE since October of last year. We are putting together our building permits and contractors to complete our retail and get open to the neighborhood. We plan to offer breakfast, lunch, pastries, espresso and ice cream. We are looking forward to opening in June or July just in time for the summer heat.

Until then, I would like to personally invite everyone in Pinehurst 2nd Saturdays beginning April 8 from 9am to 12pm. We will be offering our full pastry assortment, sliced sourdough bread and drip coffee. See you then!

I am very excited to join the neighborhood.

Best regards,
Josh Grunig
Standard Bakery

Contribute to Pinehurst/Northgate Mayor’s Find It, Fix It Walk

Are you interested  in having your voice heard at Mayor Ed Murray’s Find It, Fix It Community walk for the Northgate/ Pinehurst Community? Besides the work Pinehurst Community Council is doing to collect your ideas, you can go directly to the City to weigh in:

City reps Lemmis Stephens and Paige Madden will be tabling Wednesday March 29, and Wednesday April 5 at the Northgate Mall from 4- 7 pm.

They will be handing out Community input surveys for community members to fill out their most serious concerns they may have in the community.  If you would like to visit them they will be located next to the Food Court.

They will also hand out “Get Involved” Flyers to broadcast our first Community Walk Action Team (CWAT) Meeting, which will be at  The Northgate Community Center, Tuesday April 11,2017 from 6:30-7:30 pm.  In order to be a speaker or to help route the walk it is required that you RSVP and attend.  At the meeting we will discussing:

·         Roles for Community Members

·         Topics for each stop

·         Walk & Talks w/ Mayor Murray

·         $3,000 Community grant

·         Find It, Fix It Mobile App

Each meeting is very important to the success of our neighborhood walk. Please invite friends, family, neighbors and anyone who lives in the neighborhood that would like to get involved in the community. They hope to see a big turn out from this neighborhood.

2017 Tax Preparation Service in Lake City

United Way offers free tax preparation services at 27 locations throughout King County from now until April 20th.  Households making under $64,000 can have their taxes prepared plus they can get connected to other community resources and public benefits.

Locations can be found throughout King County with daytime, evening, and weekend hours available.  No appointments are needed. To find a location near you, languages available, a list of what to bring, and other details, visit United Way’s website at or call 2-1-1.

In-person free tax help for individuals who qualify is available at the Lake City Library (upstairs at the City of Seattle’s Customer Service Center) through mid-April on these days and at these times:

~Mondays 5-9 pm

~Tuesdays 5-9 pm

~Thursdays 5-9 pm

~Saturdays 11 am-3 pm

Downstairs, inside the library, is a small number of free printed basic tax forms and instruction booklets that patrons can take.  Librarians can print additional forms for 15 cents per page if needed.

2017 Pinehurst Pocket Park Work Party April 8

Pinehurst Pocket Park Work Party

9:30-11:30 am, Saturday April 8, 2017
Please come on out if you want to help with the annual sprucing up of the PPP! A couple hours of our time makes in big difference in the appearance of our local park. The PPP is at the corner of 19th Ave NE and NE 117th St.
We’ll spend some time weeding and then spread some fresh bark mulch. So bring your favorite weeding tool and a bucket. A pitchfork and wheelbarrow could also come in handy.
All are welcome, see you there!
Garth Ferber

Communicating with Your Legislators

Recently someone in Facebook’s Pinehurst/Olympic Heights Buy Nothing group asked for help with how to effectively communicate with our legislators. Another member, a political science adjunct faculty member at North Seattle College and former congressional staffer, offered to help set up a meeting and speak to this issue. It was a well organized meeting with good attendance. The speaker, Jill Lane, was outstanding.

The information presented is a useful guide for how to make your voice heard and your opinion count. A handout from the meeting tells how to write a letter, and gives contact information for all our state and federal legislators. You can read it here.

For minutes from the meeting, look here. These include the relative effectiveness of different communication methods, such as phone calling, letter writing, petition signing, office visiting hours, town hall meeting, fax.

An important thing to remember is that even if you think your legislator has the same opinion on an issue as you, it is still worth letting them know your opinion. It’s our civic responsibility to be engaged, including voting and communicating with our legislators once they’re in office!

February 2017 Pinehurst Crime Map

Here is a partial picture of Pinehurst property crime for the month. Click on the map to enlarge it.

You can see ALL the types of crime at Select the North neighborhood and enter a date range.