New Construction Site Visit

Here’s an opportunity to give input on a new development in the neighborhood:

Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

September’s drawing in Pinehurst Pocket Park’s kiosk is by five year old Gabby, who drew it at Pinehurstfest. Thank you for making the pocket park beautiful with this big, gorgeous tree, Gabby! The pocket park is on the corner of NE 117th St & 19th Ave NE.

If you would like to submit your child’s artwork (or yours!) for the Pocket Park, please email

Pinehurst Taste of Eritrea

Taste of Eritrea
Sept 14th, 12 pm – 7 pm
Holy Trinity Eritrean Orthodox Church
12327 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98128

Flier available here as PDF for sharing. Spread the word!

Micro-Community Policing Plan Poll

Over the past three months there have been focus groups relating to the Seattle Police Department’s Micro-Community Policing Plans. If you missed the focus groups or were unable to attend, do not worry! You can still participate and share your perspectives about crime, public safety and policing in your neighborhood, by clicking the link below for the online focus group survey. If you are unsure about which micro community you are apart of or what the Micro-Community Policing Plans are, please click the *second* link to find out more. ” Basically, if you’re in Pinehurst west of 15th Ave NE you are in the Northgate MCPP. If you are in Pinehurst east of 15th Ave NE you are in the Lake City.


Our North Precinct MCPP Research Analyst is:

Anastasiya A. Shevchuk

(206) 684-4742

Street Crossing Laws

Here is information from a Seattle Police Department brochure titled ‘Pedestrian Safety Program’.

The laws that govern what is legal/illegal as they pertain to crossing the street are governed by the Seattle Municipal Code. These are non-criminal infractions that begin with a $46 fine and go up from there. The following are the most common infractions. For more information on SMC codes go to

SMC 11.40.060 Prohibited crossing

It is illegal to suddenly leave the curb or sidewalk in front of a car that is so close it is impossible for the driver to stop the car before hitting you.

SMC 11.40.040 Right-of-way in crosswalk

When traffic-control signals are not in place or not operating, a driver must stop when they see a pedestrian crossing at an intersection or unmarked cross walk when that person is in the half of the roadway that the car is traveling or approaching the vehicle lane.

SMC 11.40.100 Prohibited crossing near signals

No pedestrian shall cross the roadway between adjacent intersections at which traffic-control signals are in operation, except in a marked crosswalk.

SMC 11.50.120 Steady yellow signal – pedestrian duties

Pedestrians facing a steady circular yellow or yellow arrow signal, unless otherwise directed by a pedestrian-control device, shall not enter the roadway, but if pedestrians have begun to cross before the display of the signal, vehicle operators shall stop to allow them to complete their movements.

SMC 11.50.160 Steady red signal – pedestrian duties

Pedestrians are prohibited from entering the street when facing a lone steady circular red or red arrow signal.

SMC 11.50.280 “Don’t Walk” pedestrian-control signal

Pedestrians facing a steady or flashing “DON’T WALK” sign shall not enter the roadway, but if pedestrians have begun to cross before the display of the signal, vehicle operators shall stop to allow them to complete their movements.


  • Always walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk and you must walk in the roadway, always walk facing the traffic.
  • See and be seen. Wear bright or light-colored clothing and make eye contact with the driver before proceeding through the crosswalk.
  • Be careful when you see a driver attempting to make a right-hand turn. A large number of pedestrian accidents occur when drivers forget to recheck the crosswalk before proceeding.
  • Cross the street only at marked crosswalks or intersections. This helps motorists to see you.
  • When crossing a multiple-lane roadway, visually clear each lane as you proceed.
  • Beware of parked cars: look for a driver who may not see you and pull out.
  • Be Aware – Telephone poles, utility boxes and parked vehicles block oncoming drivers’ ability to see you.
  • Stop before you enter the street. Look LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT prior to entering the street.
  • Give drivers ample time to stop prior to entering the crosswalk.

Pedestrian Safety Tips for Children

  • Teach children how to watch for cars backing out of driveways and parking spots.
  • Teach children to turn off their headphones and cell phones while crossing the streets so they can hear approaching traffic.
  • Teach kids to never dart out from between cars or run across dark streets to catch a bus. It is almost impossible for drivers to react in time.
  • Always hold a child by the hand while crossing the street and remember – WALK DON’T RUN.
  • Whenever possible, cross at a corner with the traffic light.
  • Stop on the curb, not on the side of the street.
  • Look LEFT – RIGHT – LEFT

Did you know?

  • 5,000 pedestrians are killed each year in the U.S.
  • 68,000 pedestrians were injured in 2004.
  • On average, a pedestrian is killed every 113 minutes and injured every 8 minutes.
  • 79% of pedestrian fatalities occurred at non-intersection locations.
  • 89% of pedestrian fatalities occurred in normal weather conditions.
  • 66% of pedestrian fatalities occurred at night.
  • 69% of pedestrian fatality victims are males.
  • 19% of all pedestrian fatalities are children between ages 5 and 9.
  • Women, ages 70-79, have the highest pedestrian fatality rate of any other age group.

Next Pinehurst Community Council Meeting – 9/25

We are having the next Pinehurst Community Council meeting at Amante Pizza & Pasta on Wednesday, September 25, at 18:30 (6:30 pm).

We would like to know if there are any topics you want to discuss at the meeting.

The main agenda item is a presentation for disaster preparedness by Ann Forrest, which is approximately one hour long. We have time for one more topic.

Please mail your thoughts to us at

Thai Festival Seattle 2019

Date/time:  Saturday September 7 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Location: North Seattle College – North Parking near NSC Childcare Center
9600 College Way N. Seattle 98103
Bring your family and friends to enjoy Thai culture and lots of delicious food. Live performances showcase traditional and modern musical, dance, and talent shows. We’ll have over 70 vendors feature authentic Thai food, drinks, arts and crafts, kids activities, and more. Free entry and Free parking. Open to everyone.   More details at

Thai Festival Seattle aims at strengthening and promoting harmony and unity of communities through community-powered art and festival. We also want to inspire the appreciation of Thai culture and enrich the lives of those we connect with. Come have a great time and support local communities!



More photos below…

Burglary Prevention

Here are some tips from Seattle Police Department about burglary prevention:

How to Prevent It

  • Ask yourself, “If I were locked out, how would I get into my house?” Secure any vulnerable windows and doors.
  • Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors and secure with 3 to 4 inch screws into the strike plate.
  • Try not to leave valuables in plain sight, or visible through windows or doors.
  • Secure and lock all windows and doors, even while you are at home.
  • Don’t leave a spare key outside.
  • Install a security system, if possible.
  • Trim back any shrubbery that is blocking views of entrances.
  • Store or lock up ladders and tools outside.
  • Remove any loose rocks or bricks near vulnerable glass.
  • Join Block Watch and get to know your neighbors.

How to Report It

  • If there is a crime in progress, call 9-1-1.
  • If you return to a home or business you believe has been burgled, dial 9-1-1 and wait for police before going inside.
  • Try not to disturb any possible evidence.

Key Tip

Contact your Crime Prevention Coordinator to schedule a free security assessment. (Ours is Mary Amberg –

Parks & Recreation Survey

As part of its strategic planning process, Seattle Parks and Recreation is soliciting community input to help it think big about the future of parks and recreation. It wants to know what you think about parks, community centers, recreation programs, aquatics programs, playgrounds, events, environmental education, dog off-leash areas, and more! Please take a few minutes to take this simple survey to share your opinions with Parks and help inform its focus over the next twelve years.

Click here for the survey:

If you’d like to learn more about its strategic planning effort, check out the website:


District 5 City Council Candidate Debate

Primary elections for city council are over, and the top two vote-getters in our District 5 election were the incumbent, Debora Juarez, and Ann Davison Sattler. They move on to the general election November 5th.

A Distict 5 General Election Forum is brought to you by Advocates for 130th Street Station.

Candidates: Ann Davison Sattler, Debora Juarez

Moderator: Erica C Barnett

Date: Monday, September 16

Time: 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Location: Bitter Lake Community Center