Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

The art in the pocket park for March is by 11 year old Milena. She drew it at Pinehurstfest in 2019 (alas, we couldn’t have Pinehurstfest last year due to the pandemic.) By now she is older, of course! Thank you, Milena, it looks wonderful in the kiosk. The pocket park is at NE 117th St & 19th Ave NE.

If your child (or you!) would like to show art in the park, contact

Catalytic Converter Thefts Spiking

Catalytic converter theft is spiking in the Northwest, and you could be at higher risk if you own a lightweight car (because they’re easier to quickly jack up) or a vehicle with ample ground clearance (like a pickup or SUV).

The catalytic converter is part of your car’s emissions system, positioned on its undercarriage near the muffler and exhaust pipe. The prize for thieves isn’t the catalytic converter itself rather the rare and pricey metals it contains. Armed with the right kind of saw, a practiced thief can jack up your car and remove it in less than a minute.

Here’s what you can do to help safeguard your car:

  1. Park inside your garage at home; otherwise, choose well-lighted, visible parking spots within view of security cameras. The wee hours between 3 and 5 a.m. are prime times for any kind of auto theft.
  2. Adjust your car alarm’s sensitivity so it can detect vibration (like sawing).
  3. Ask your mechanic about installing a catalytic converter protective shield. On Amazon, part prices start at $135.
  4. Call the police if you see anyone suspicious near or under your car. Don’t confront the person yourself.

And if you’re a victim of catalytic converter theft:

  1. Safety first. Ensure the thief is long gone before you closely examine your vehicle.
  2. Don’t attempt to drive the car. You’ll know if you’re a victim – your car will be extremely loud and you may smell exhaust fumes. Have it towed for repair.
  3. Notify the police. Use the non-emergency number and report the theft. While you may not get your catalytic converter back, reporting helps local law enforcement maintain accurate crime statistics and can alert them to trends. Keep a copy of your report or at least get the number so you can include it if you file an insurance claim.

From Pemco Insurance email newsletter

Northgate Pedestrian/Bike Bridge construction update

The following construction activities will be taking place over the next several weeks.
East side of I-5 (1st Ave NE between NE 92nd St and NE 107th St)
  • Electrical work
  • Catch basin work
  • Demolition and installation of curb ramps at NE 92nd St and NE 94th St
  • Sidewall support work
  • Placing bridge spans
  • Installation of reinforced concrete for column work
  • Installing steel reinforcements and pouring concrete structures for bridge support
  • Installation of shoring structures
  • Placement of lightweight fill
West side of I-5 (north side of North Seattle College and along N 100th St) 

  • Grading and paving for curb ramps
  • Installation of bridge deck forms and concrete

I-5 median (near the I-5 northbound express lane at NE 103rd St)  

  • Preparation and staging for first bridge span delivery
  • Installation of deck forms
  • Nighttime testing of materials

Upcoming bridge span installation over I-5
The next major milestone will be the installation of spans across I-5 in May 2021. During this work, they’ll erect 2 bridge spans; each will be assembled in the median of I-5, moved into place using self-propelled transporters (essentially, mini remote-controlled cars), and lifted by cranes.

What to expect during construction

  • Some noise and construction vehicle activity, including cranes
  • Some nighttime and weekend work
  • Detours for people walking and biking
  • Lane reductions on Northgate express lane on- and off-ramp
  • 2 freeway closures and detours (on weekends and at night only)
  • Construction staging and parking impacts near the construction sites, including at the north side of North Seattle College along N 100th St and on NE 100th St at 1st Ave NE
  • Closure of the North Seattle Park & Ride on 1st Ave NE

Questions during construction? Contact:

Darrell Bulmer
(206) 905-3620

Snowman Competition Winner

During the 12″ snowfall last weekend, a Pinehurst resident challenged folks in the Pinehurst Seattle Facebook group to a snow sculpture building contest. There were many excellent entries! Photos were collected, voting in the group commenced , and the winner was announced and awarded a trophy.

If you aren’t on Facebook, do consider joining, if only to be in this group. You don’t have to participate in any other aspects of Facebook if the only thing you want to do is join our group. It’s a great way to get more involved in the community, exchange information, learn what’s going on, and have fun. The Facebook group is far more active than this blog because anyone who joins can post in the Facebook group. But if you don’t want to be able to interact, you can still watch what’s going on in the group by visiting the link above, in bold italics.

Spring Walking Craft Fair – April 17

Save the date! Last fall’s walking craft fair was a success, so our crafters are happy to do it again. Stay tuned!

More Tools for Finding Covid Vaccinations

Below are a couple websites that may help you find covid vaccination sites and to make appointments:

NPR’s tool for finding covid vaccination sites nearby.…/how-to-sign-up-for-a-covid-19…

WA COVID Vaccine Finder ( is a volunteer-driven effort to help Washingtonians find appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Pinehurst Picks

The hydra-gnomes must like our snowy weather! Spotted one today.

Ped and Bike Safety Improvements Coming Near Hazel Wolf K-8

City Council this week unanimously approved an ordinance for a street easement next to Hazel Wolf K-8 at Pinehurst School, from Seattle Public Schools to the Seattle Department of Transportation. This transfer is necessary for the city to make pedestrian and bicycle improvements. Hazel Wolf and neighborhood residents applied, and the project was successfully chosen for the Your Voice, Your Choice program.
May be an image of text that says 'New traffic signals and re-configured intersection layout to enhance traffic flow 15THAVENE NE AVE 15TH New marked crosswalks and bike crossings New medians NE 117TH 117THST ST Restricted turning NE movements WAY PINEHURST Restricted turning movements Restricted turning movements 15TH NE'
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Pinehurst Picks

This lil raccoon is welcome in Pinehurst – it won’t eat your apples or poop under your tree or jump in your garbage can.

Send in photos of art – or anything unexpected and fun – that you see on your walks around the neighborhood, to

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for February 2021

NPAC had two guest speakers this month regarding homelessness. Kevin Mundt spoke about Seattle Human Services Department’s HOPE team, tasked with coordinating and improving the city’s response to homelessness. And Donna Waters from Parks & Recreation Department spoke about how Parks’ specially trained team removes debris from around encampments in our parks.

Sgt. Kevin Nelson also spoke briefly about the CSO (Community Service Officer) program has eleven non-commissioned, no-weapons officers on the street helping residents and businesses navigate services related to non-criminal calls. He will be guest speaker in March to tell us more about how this team supplements SPD commissioned officers.

Read all the minutes here.