Book Oasis – Kids’ Little Free Libraries

Award-winning local children’s literacy organization Page Ahead announces “Book Oasis—a new campaign to build, stock, and maintain Little Free Libraries for kids living in book deserts in the Seattle area. Each Oasis may be located in front of a private home or business—but the books inside belong to everyone.

Each Book Oasis has a distinctive blue roof and shelves specially created to hold wider picture books and other titles on multiple shelves and levels securely protected from the elements. The lower shelves are designed to be easily within reach by small children.

Currently there are several near Pinehurst:

  • 13047 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle 98133 (Broadview) Location: Luther Memorial Lutheran Church
  • 2828 NE 127th St, Seattle 98125 (Lake City) Location: ReWA Early Learning Center
  • 10510 Stone Ave N, Seattle 98133 (Northgate/99N) Location: Epic Life Church
  • 13516 20th Ave NE, Seattle 98125 (Olympic Hills) Location: Private homeowner property

Once each Book Oasis Little Free Library is created, children’s books are added and regularly restocked to each location on an ongoing basis by Page Ahead.

To bring Book Oasis to as many local neighborhoods as possible, Page Ahead is seeking hosts and sponsors. If you’d like to host a Book Oasis outside your home or place of business, or support the effort with a sponsorship or in-kind donation, please contact Project Manager Kim Ferse at to explore these opportunities. Keep in mind the intention is to put them where kids don’t have a lot of access to books.

May 23 Community Scavenger Hunt

Join the fun and test your map reading skills at our community scavenger hunt! On Sunday, May 23, 1 pm to 4 pm, start at either park (see poster below), where you’ll pick up a map with the locations marked, navigation hints and a question/answer sheet. Stroll around the neighborhood to visit these sites and answer the multiple choice questions. Do a couple blocks or do the whole sheet; it doesn’t matter, just get out there, meet other neighbors, breath the fresh air, and enjoy the neighborhood!

Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

May’s art in the pocket park is by Baker, who made it at the last Pinehurstfest we had, in 2019. They were 9 at the time, but maybe  10 or 11 now! Come see this fine spring scene with flowers blooming. It’s in the kiosk at the park, at NE 117th St & 19th Ave NE.

If your child (or you!) would like to show art in the park, contact

Celebrate Neighbor Day 2021

Let’s celebrate Neighbor Day on Saturday, May 8 by indulging in random acts of kindness!
Neighbor Day is a special day set aside to reach out to neighbors, make new friends, and express thanks to those who help make your neighborhood a great place to live.
Residents, businesses, or community groups are all encouraged to participate however they like. The main goal is simply to reach out and connect with our neighbors through generosity.
Start planning, and let us know how you’ll celebrate in a comment on this post!

Pinehurst’s Race & Social Equity Index

Seattle’s Racial and Social Equity Index is a census tract based tool to aid in the identification of City planning, program and investment priorities. Pinehurst ranks  in the 2nd highest disadvantaged group:
The Composite Index includes sub-indices of:
Race, English Language Learners, and Origins Index 
ranks census tracts by an index of three measures weighted as follows:
   Persons of color (weight: 1.0)
 English language learner (weight: 0.5)
  Foreign born (weight: 0.5)
Socioeconomic Disadvantage Index 
ranks census tracts by an index of two equally weighted measures:
 Income below 200% of poverty level
grad Educational attainment less than a bachelor’s degree
Health Disadvantage Index 
ranks census tracts by an index of seven equally weighted measures:
 No leisure-time physical activity
  Diagnosed diabetes
 Mental health not good
Low life expectancy at birth

2020 Public Safety Survey

Every year Seattle University conducts a public safety survey whose results inform the SPD micro community policing plans (MCPPs). Pinehurst east of 15th Ave NE is in the Lake City MCPP, and west of 15th Ave NE is in the Northgate MCPP.

The scales included in the survey focus on seven areas of interest: Police Legitimacy, Collective Efficacy-Informal Social Control, Collective Efficacy-Social Cohesion, Social Disorganization, and Fear of Crime. A healthy community with positive police-community relations will have positive perception and high knowledge of the SPD MCPP, high police legitimacy, high informal social control, high social cohesion, low social disorganization, and low fear of crime.

Since Pinehurst is in 2 MCPPs, I’ll just show the overall North Precinct results. The entire report is here.

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes – April 2021

This month’s guest speaker at NPAC was Victoria Beach, Chair of African American Community Advisory Council, an all-city advisory council to SPD. AACAC’s mission is to promote communication between the Black community and police. She would love to have more participation at the meetings. Contact information is in the minutes.

From the precinct update:

There’s no news on filling the Crime Prevention Coordinator position due to budget uncertainties. If you have chronic public safety issues you’d like help with, contact Sgt. Martin Welte,, who will pass it on to a CPC in another precinct.

Car prowls have gone way up in Magnuson Park. Don’t leave valuables visible in your car. Extra patrols are going there as time permits

Read all the minutes here.

King County Council Fund/Grant Opportunities

In Seattle we think about Seattle City Council and the Mayor for government funding, but we can sometimes forget that there’s a King County Council that has our interests in mind. Here are some recent examples of funding and grants our KC Council member Rod Dembowski procured for our area. He reminded us at the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance meeting this week that if the community has some ideas that could use some funding, we should reach out to him. Let’s keep this in mind!


Update on Fall 2021 Bus Route Changes – Route 41

Our King County Council Representative, Rod Dembowski, spoke at this week’s Lake City Neighborhood Alliance (of which Pinehurst is a member). Here is some information he shared about upcoming Metro bus routes in the autumn when the Northgate Light Rail station opens.

King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Dashboard

King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (KCPAO) recently rolled out the first edition of a data dashboard for the public that shows information about criminal justice cases in the county. While Seattle City Attorney’s Office handles mostly misdemeanors, KCPAO handles most of the felony cases, and some misdemeanors.

KCPAO handles over 6,000 felony cases a year. As an aside, if you look at the date, be aware that public health restrictions limited the courts’ ability to process cases even while felonies continued to be committed. There is a big backlog now, and the courts are still only partially functioning.

You can filter and group the data by crime categories and time periods, and there are several tabs to choose to see cases in different stages.

Here is an example of felony hate crimes referred to CKPAO by law enforcement. Remember this is all King County:

And here is an example of motor vehicle theft case filings:

KCPAO is eager to get public feedback so it can improve this first attempt at improved transparency. There is an email address to do so on the main page.