Pinehurst Community Council Meeting Agenda – Dec. 6, 2016

Please come to our next Pinehurst Community Council meeting! We’d love to have more people get involved in our community. Our guest speaker from Lake City will discuss homelessness. As you probably know, there is a tent city on NE 125th & 22nd NE, so homelessness is close to home, so to speak.

At the meeting we’ll have Pinehurst bumper stickers! And if you wish, bring new socks for the North Precinct Advisory Council sock drive. The full agenda is below. We hope to see you there!

December 6, 2016, 7:00 pm

Pinehurst Playground Shelter House

NE 120th St. and 14th Ave. NE

All neighbors are welcome at this meeting. There is no membership requirement.

– Welcome/Introductions

– Local non-profit service organizations – volunteers welcome!

We’ve invited some local organizations to tell us about their services, and opportunities for volunteering with them. They will have representatives and materials at tables before and after the meeting to speak to you individually. In addition, each will speak for a few minutes during the meeting.

  • Hunger Intervention Program – Stephen Fredericks
  • Literacy Source – Caroline Socha
  • North Helpline – Nikki Hurley
  • Adopt-a-Street – Nancy Rauhauser

– Homelessness

Our featured speaker is Melanie Neufeld, chair of Lake City Task Force for Homelessness.

– PCC officer election

  • Bylaws call for a president and vice-president. It’s time for elections. We have identified some candidates for these positions, but will be taking more nominations, too, if you want to get involved!
  • We are also eager to create some at-large positions to help broaden the volunteer base of the Council. Please consider volunteering.
  • We would also like to ask more people to join the Pinehurst Ped Safety Committee to work on identifying pedestrian safety issues and advocating  for them with city departments.

 – Future meeting topics

  • We’ll share with you some ideas for future meeting topics.
  • What do you want to see/hear at these meetings?


Fence-Smashing Trees Don’t Make Good Neighbors

Large willow tree fallen into old wooden fence.

Last year at least one Pinehurst person’s fence was smashed when a neighbor’s tree fell during a storm. It’s good to know who’s responsibility it is to repair the fence. Here’s info from Pemco:

Unconvinced that “good fences make good neighbors,” Robert Frost probably wouldn’t care if the neighbor’s tree smashed his. Not so for the rest of us. Most people incorrectly believe that the owner of the errant tree is at least partially obligated to fix the damaged fence (or shed, garage, or landscape feature) on their property.

The question gets tricky because we may not know for certain who owns the fence separating our yard from our neighbor’s. Generally, if the fence sits on your side of the property line, it’s yours. If it runs right down the property line, it’s shared.

But regardless of who claims ownership, if it’s damaged by a falling tree, barring negligence on the part of the tree’s owners (for example, they knew it was rotten and likely to fall), the fence owner’s own insurance company generally pays.

The same is true even if a tree smashes right through the living room.

In the case of shared fences, each party’s insurance company will pay its “insurable interest” (50% assuming each person owns half of the fence) to cover repairs, minus each policy’s deductible.

Stop Porch Pirates From Stealing Holiday Gifts

Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer

Here’s some timely advice from Pemco Insurance:

You’ve seen them caught on camera – brazen thieves who follow delivery trucks only to scoop packages off the porch before homeowners even realize they’ve arrived. With nearly half of all holiday purchases now made online, experts expect the problem to continue to grow.

So what’s the best way to stop a porch pirate? Make sure there’s nothing there to steal! Here’s how:

If allowed, use your work rather than home address for deliveries. Since most deliveries occur during regular business hours, getting your package dropped off at work often is the simplest way to ensure you and only you receive your package (provided you won’t be trying to juggle a 50-pound box on the bus ride home!)

Use a relative or a trustworthy neighbor as your delivery address. The trick is making sure they’re almost always home and, if the box is big, they can safely move it inside for you.

Request a signature at delivery and urge loved ones who are sending packages to you to do the same. If no one is there to take the package, you can reschedule delivery from the U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express, and UPS.

Take advantage of delivery alerts. Get text or email alerts when a package is about to be delivered. If you know you won’t be home, you can change the drop-off address or reschedule. Basic service is free, and you can sign up online. FedEx’s service is called Delivery Manager®. For UPS, it’s My Choice™.

Use safe sites for pickup. You can arrange to pick up your FedEx deliveries at your nearest FedEx Office location. Amazon offers Amazon Locker, which is a self-serve location (similar to a Post Office box) where you can pick up and return packages using an emailed code. UPS offers its own UPS Stores and Access Point™, in which it partners with local retailers like convenience stores and pharmacies, to hold your packages for pickup (you sign up through its My Choice program).

Tips for senders

If you’re sending a box of holiday cheer to loved ones far away, find out if they can receive packages at work, and ship there. Always insure the package before you send. That way, if it never arrives, you’ll at least get your money back so you can replace the gift.

If a porch pirate does make off with your package

If you’re expecting a package and it never shows up, check with the shipper to confirm it was delivered (if it was, the shipper may have insurance through the delivery service, and your order will simply be replaced). Then contact the police and provide any home security footage you may have – a license plate number, for example, could lead police to a suspect.


Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park


December’s art is a collection of seasonal ornaments made by kids in local artist Victoria Raymond’s studio. This work will be making our pocket park festive this month. Check it out, on the corner of NE 117th St & 19th Ave NE.

For information about upcoming classes or private lessons at Victoria Raymond’s Pinehurst art school contact her at:


website: www.victoriaraymond

Home For the Holidays! – December 14

There’s a party at Thornton Place (where the movie theaters are)! Note you’ll get free movie tickets if you donate an unwrapped toy.

Pinehurst Pets – Edgar

Edgar is a sweet 8 year old boy.  He loves playing ball, hiking, and hanging out with friends at his doggie daycare.  Even though he is a big boy, he loves sitting on the laps of his favorite people.

If you’d like your pet featured, please send a photo and its name and a short description or story to

LCNA Winter Celebration!

By Sandy Motzerlcna-winter-celebration_2016

Lake City Neighbourhood Alliance (LCNA) will have our 4th Annual Winter Celebration to applaud Lake City’s successes. Everyone is invited, including members of LCNA’s member organizations and well as any community members who wish to celebrate with us. Families and kids are welcome.

This year, we will have the celebration in our regular meeting space at Lamb of God, 12509 NE 127th Street, in the ADA-accessible downstairs Fireside Room. The festivities begin at 6:30 pm. The buffet dinner will be catered by 2C Thai Bistro: Won Ton Appetizers; Cashew Chicken (with cashews on the side); Garlic Tofu with Vegetables; Fried Rice; and Yakisoba. Kaffeeklatsch is providing the dessert. We will provide coffee (decaf and regular) and tea. You are welcome to bring another beverage of your choice, including beer and wine. Cost will be $12/adult, with kids eating free. As part of the Winter Celebration, we will be recognizing individuals and businesses who have made a real difference in our Lake City community.

Here’s the hard part! We must let 2C Thai and Kaffeeklatsch know how many are coming by Monday, December 5. Please RSVP to by 5 pm next Monday with the number of adults and kids who will be attending. Then the night of the event, please bring cash or a cheque (made out to LCNA) to cover the cost of the number of adult meals you ordered. In addition to your meal money, please also consider bringing new warm socks (or mittens, scarves, and/or hats) for the North Precinct’s Annual Sock drive. LCNA will collect and deliver to the North Precinct.

On behalf of the LCNA Board, we hope to see you there!

Sandy Motzer is the Chair of Lake City Neighbourhood Alliance.

Next Pinehurst Meeting: December 6th!

The next meeting of the Pinehurst Community Council will be:

Tuesday, December 6th @ 7:00 pm!
Pinehurst Shelterhouse at the Pinehurst Playfield
12029 14th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98125

We’ll have more details on the agenda soon but we’ll be kicking it off with elections for the Pinehurst Community Council. See more on what we do here. This is a great time to get more involved in your community. We’ll be electing a president, vice-president, and treasurer but we’re also looking for at-large members to help organize and reach out to our community. If you’re interested in joining or if you’ve got any questions about what’s involved, feel free to reach out to and we can help.

We’ll have Pinehurst bumper stickers for sale and we’ll be doing a sock drive (more details) for the North Precinct Advisory Council.

Our Legislative District Turned Out the Vote!

voteThey’re still chasing down some ballots (signature issues, etc.) and ballots postmarked on election day aren’t counted below, but we have some statistics from election night. Final results will be certified on November 29, but I couldn’t wait to say ‘Yay us’ for the big turnout! We’re in the 46th Legislative District of Washington, and 85% of registered voters voted in the November election. That is really good. The nationwide turnout was about 58.1%. In Washington, only the 36th District did better (Ballard and Queen Anne).

The following statistics are for our 46th District:

  • 83% voted for Hillary Clinton and 11% voted for Donald Trump
  • 79% voted for raising the minimum wage in Washington
  • 59% voted for public financing of campaigns in Washington (we already have it in Seattle)
  • 89% voted for extreme risk protection orders, which limits firearm possession for those deemed a risk to themselves or others
  • 58% voted for the carbon tax
  • 78% voted to repeal Citizens United



Winter Carnival in Lake City December 2nd