Lifetime Learning Center

LLCWinter class signup is happening now at Lifetime Learning Center. This is a wonderful organization right next door in Lake City that provides daytime classes for older adults. All the teachers are volunteers, and there are no tests or grades.

There are all kinds of classes, including yoga, current events, creative writing, philosophy and much more.

The eight week classes are only $30 each, plus a $15 quarterly registration fee.

Check out LLC’s website, where you can see the winter course catalog by clicking on the ‘classes’ tab.

Pinehurst Picks

A Pinehurst chicken flock enjoying a short vacation away from home while its coop was being cleaned. Fresh grass and delicious bugs!

Please feel free to send in photos of art – or anything unexpected and fun – you see on your walks around the neighborhood to


Help Prevent Clogged Storm Drains

drainThis time of year, storm drains can easily become overwhelmed with leaves and the summer’s accumulated street debris, resulting in backed up gutters and drains, and localized flooding. In Seattle, for example, there are about 80,000 storm drains — far more than city crews can clear quickly.

The Take Winter by Storm campaign is urging us to adopt local street drains and drainage ditches, to make sure they are free of leaves and debris.

Safely (that means staying out of the road when raking) adopting a local storm drain or drainage ditch  by keeping it clear of leaves, snow and other debris is the single most important thing that we can do to protect our property.

In addition to adopting a neighborhood storm drain, we can take two other important steps to get ready for the storm season:

·       – Maintain gutters, downspouts, rain barrels, private culverts by keeping them clean, flowing and directed away from properties and hillsides.

·       – Know the emergency hotline number for your local drainage utility, to report sewer backups, major flooding and landslide issues. Take Winter by Storm is a one-stop emergency preparedness center that includes safety tips and regional resources for information about the weather, power outages, flooding, shelters and assistance agencies. In Seattle, that number for reporting flooding issues is 386-1800.

For more information on preparing for bad weather, visit Take Winter by Storm.

School Traffic Safety Committee Seeks Members

schoolpedestrainsThe Seattle School Traffic Safety Committee is accepting applications for new members to help make walking and biking to school in Seattle safer and easier. The volunteer board was created by the Seattle City Council in 1975 to improve traffic safety for all of Seattle’s school children. It advises the Mayor and City Council with respect to school traffic safety, including adult crossing guard locations, school traffic signs and signals, school safety patrols, bicycle facilities, sidewalks and student traffic safety education.

Board members serve a three-year term, with an opportunity to serve a second term. Members must be Seattle residents and may not be City employees. The board meets the fourth Friday of each month from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. typically at Seattle Public Schools headquarters, with occasional field meetings at school sites or school crossings. Ideal committee members may include parents of school children, frequent walkers and bikers, people interested in pedestrian or bicycle encouragement and those with expertise in public health or child injury prevention.

If you’re interested, submit a resume and cover letter explaining your interest via email by 5 p.m. on November 30, 2015, to Ashley Rhead at For more information or questions, call Ashley Rhead at (206) 684-7577 or send her an e-mail.

Win a Little Free Library!

BobGordonsLittle LibraryLast year our Thursday-North area reduced waste more than any other neighborhood, so  CleanScapes (our garbage company) is giving us an award! Working with a small committee of neighborhood council members, it has purchased fifty Little Free Libraries to give to us. In addition, it is initially stocking them with books for kids and adults about recycling and waste reduction. Of course you can add any other kinds books you want, and then just watch neighbors start to use it and contribute books.

Little Free Libraries help reduce the number of books being thrown away, they build community, and make reading more accessible and less expensive. And it’s really fun being a Little Free Librarian!

Read about how to get books and attract users at the Little Free Library website.

To enter the contest to win one of the libraries, email Erika Melroy ( before December 4, 2015. Your email must include your name, mailing address, and why you’d like to receive a Little Free Library. CleanScapes staff will install it for you. It will not necessarily look like the library on this page; this is one that is in Victory Heights. You may decorate yours anyway you like.

Learn more about the neighborhood waste reduction rewards program at

Nov 2015 Minutes for North Precinct Advisory Council

SPDbadgeThis month the guest speaker was Sgt. Sean Whitcomb from the SPD Public Affairs Office. SPD is trying to be transparent and communicative for both citizens and journalists. It uses numerous ‘channels’ to communicate on-line these days, including the SPD Blotter, a Twitter feed, the SPD official website, Tweets by Beat, Tumblr blog, Nextdoor, Facebook and YouTube. The minutes, below, has descriptions of each channel and their web addresses.

We are very near to getting our new Crime Prevention Coordinator. The candidate’s background check was taking a very long time for some unknown reason, but it’s nearly done.

Please take Seattle U’s public safety survey at to let SPD know what public safety issues are most important to you.

SPD and NPAC are collecting new socks, hats, scarves and gloves, as they do each year. Please take donations to the North Precinct at 10049 College Way N, near North Seattle College. Thanks!

Read all the minutes here.

October 2015 Pinehurst Crime Report

Here is a partial picture of Pinehurst property crime for the month. Click on the map to enlarge it.

You can see ALL the types of crime at Select the North neighborhood and enter a date range.


Pinehurst Picks

Please feel free to send in photos of art – or anything unexpected and fun – you see on your walks around the neighborhood to


Laptop Theft Prevention

LaptopTheftHere are some tips from the Seattle Police Department for securing your laptop from theft:

  • Don’t Leave Laptops in Plain Sight. Often, our laptops sit on a table near a window and in clear view.  When not in use, store the laptop away, out of plain view from the home exterior.
  • If you are out in public, either tether your laptop to the table with a security lock or take it with you. It only takes a second of letting your laptop out of your sight for someone to grab it.
  • Record Your Laptop Serial Number, Model Number and Approximate Value. This helps police locate stolen property when we have the serial numbers.  In the event the laptop is recovered, there is a much better chance of having the property returned to you.
  • Engrave Your Laptop.  Using an engraving pen or etcher, etch the item with your driver’s license number, or if it’s a company laptop, engrave the company name and the last four digits of the company tax ID number.  Handheld engravers are available at most hardware stores for less than $25.  Also use this tool to similarly engrave your other electronics (desktop computers, DVD players, gaming systems, etc.).  Property that is obviously engraved with a person’s or company’s ID makes that property less attractive to thieves.
  • Password Protect Your Laptop. Make it more difficult for someone to access you system and the data in your files.
  • Back Up Your Data. This is especially important if you use your laptop for business.  Either use a thumb drive, CDs or a cloud-based back up service to keep copies of your files somewhere safe. Make regular scheduled backups a habit.


Laptop Security Cables: Think of it as a bike cable for your laptop.  Some of these connect to your laptop’s built in security slot and have combination or keyed locks.  Just loop the cable around an immovable object and secure it to the laptop security slot.  These items range in price between $20-50.

Laptop Security Brackets: These come in many varieties.  Some secure the laptop to a surface by bolting the bracket to a surface while others connect to a cable.  They can secure the laptop in either an open or closed opposition depending on the type you get.  The price range on these is about $100-$120.

Laptop Lockers: Laptop Lockers are safes designed to securely store laptop computers and other valuables.  They can be mounted anywhere and deter theft and unwanted access.  These cost around $140.

Computer Tracking Software: These “LoJack for Laptops” software track the location of a computer hard drive when that system accesses the Internet, and notifies theft recover teams as to its exact location.  Seattle Police recovered several laptops in the past 12 months as a result of this software.

Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

This art work was created by Victoria Raymond’s 12 year old student at Fred Hutch School where she did an Artist Residency. Please email her for more information about upcoming classes! She teaches group and private lessons in her Pinehurst studio.


website: www.victoriaraymond
Dog- 12yoFredHutch