May Meeting of Thornton Creek Alliance

Here’s the next Thornton Creek Alliance meeting poster. (Plus mark your calendar for TCA’s Influence of the Confluence event, to be held at Meadowbrook Pond, 2:00 pm-6:00 pm, Sunday, June 9th.)

Northaven Annual Meeting May 23

Learn about the new low-income senior housing Northaven Senior Living is building in our neighborhood:

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes – May 2019

This month’s special presentation was about the Regional Domestic Violence Firearms Enforcement Unit. We already had laws on the books about violent domestic violence offenders giving up their firearms, but there was no funding to enforce it; it was on the honor system. But now this unit helps enforce the laws, and gets far more people to turn over their firearms for the duration of the order than before. It helps educate people about the law so they can comply more easily, and it also can testify during the hearing about findings, such as whether the person recently made a purchase even though they say they don’t have any firearms. We also learned about Extreme Risk Prevention Orders.

At our request, the captain’s report contained information about patrol response times for the north precinct, as well as the city-wide times. Our precinct is slower, attributed to its being twice as big as any other precinct, and the difficulty getting east to west with few arterials. Regardless, a goal is to improve response times.

Read more about these topics, plus other information  here

Rules of the Road -Turning Into Center Lane

When turning left from a side street onto a busy roadway, can you pull into the roadway’s center turn lane and stop, waiting for traffic to clear before merging right to complete the turn?

This left-turn maneuver does appear to be legal (see excerpts below). But perhaps the bigger question is, “Should you do it?”

On that point, safety experts are clear. Left turns are 10 times more likely to end in an accident than right turns. The difference is so dramatic that United Parcel Service (UPS) trains drivers to avoid left turns whenever reasonable and estimates that, at least in busy commercial areas, UPS trucks turn right 90% of the time. (It’s a different story in sleepier residential areas with meandering streets that give few options to turning left.)

You might think looping the block (making only right turns) might waste time and gas, but UPS seems to think that’s offset by eliminating long periods of idling as drivers wait for busy traffic to clear so they can turn left.

Washington RCW 46.61.290:
(3) Two-way left turn lanes.

  1. The department of transportation and local authorities in their respective jurisdictions may designate a two-way left turn lane on a roadway. A two-way left turn lane is near the center of the roadway set aside for use by vehicles making left turns in either direction from or into the roadway.

However, note that it’s illegal to drive in the turn lane to match speed with the cars in the lane you’re trying to enter.


From Pemco Insurance newsletter

Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

Well, it’s not by a kid, but everyone likes puppies, right? This month in the Pinehurst Pocket Park we have a puppy done in India ink, watercolor and colored pencil by Seattle artist Sueellen Ross. Check it out in the park kiosk at NE 117th St & 19th Ave NE.

Nathan Hale 2019 Spring Edible and Ornamental Plant Sale

The Nathan Hale 2019 Spring Edible and Ornamental Plant Sale is TEN DAYS AWAY THIS WEEK!

We are having a special Early Bird Event on May 10 from 4 -8 pm, and a public sale on May 11 from 9 am to 3 pm.  Tickets for the Early Bird Event are available on the Brown Paper Tickets website.  Get your tickets soon—quantities are limited!

We welcome gardeners from all over the city and beyond to come and enjoy Nathan Hale Urban Farm, our students and our well-priced plants!  Here is our plant inventory list    Visit our website  — — to get directions (on the “contact us” tab) and learn more about Nathan Hale Urban Farm. You can also learn more about our program by watching this recent spot on KIRO TV with reporter Deborah Horne.

We hope you will join us on May 10 and 11 for the sale.  We would really appreciate it if you would forward this message to your plant-loving colleagues, friends and family members.

Emergency Hub Drill June 1st

We have several emergency hubs near Pinehurst. One is in the Fred Meyer parking lot. Another is at the Victory Heights Playground south of Northgate Way. Find the one nearest you at


Neighbor Day is May 4th

Indulging in random acts of kindness anytime is good, but a special day for that is May 4th – Neighbor Day. Get tips for other things to do, and for more information at

Nathan Hale Musical

See Nathan Hale Theatre’s production of “Crazy For You: A New Gershwin Musical” this May. This family-friendly show has dance, dreams, jazz, love, mistaken identities, and cowboys!

Performances are May 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th at 7 p.m.
There will also be a matinee on May 11th at 2 p.m.

You can buy tickets at

“Crazy For You, the classic tale of a boy, a girl, and a theater in need of a dream come true. In a world of showgirls and cowboys,  a city boy and a country girl reconcile their differences, fall in love, and save a theater the old-fashioned way. In which lays the foundation for career success, new relationships, and true love.

Spring Clothing Drive – Idris Mosque April 27