August Silly Walk in Pinehurst Pocket Park










Calling all kids and kids-at-heart! Take a stroll in Pinehurst Pocket Park and note the two signs along one stretch of the path. You are invited to break into a silly walk between the signs! Have someone take a video of your silly walk, and post it in our Facebook group if you’re a member (good reason to join if you’re not!). Kids, challenge your friends and cheer them on! Wear funny costumes!

Based on the Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks sketch.

The pocket park is at NE117th St and 19th Ave NE. There will be a silly walk at Victory Heights Playground, also. It’s at NE106th St & 19th Ave NE. The signs will be up throughout August.

Click here for the post in our Facebook group and an example video.


Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

The art in Pinehurst Pocket Park for August is a beautiful bird made by eight year old Brin this summer. It looks great in the park! Check it out in the kiosk at NE117th St & 19th Ave NE. Brin is a student of artist Victoria Raymond, who offers art lessons in her Pinehurst studio for both youth and adults.
If your child (or you!) would like to show art in the park, contact

Lake City Floodplain Park Update

Here are some notes I took about the 1.5 acre Lake City Floodplain Park (the big property on NE125th St that the city bought) at the Thornton Creek Alliance (TCA) meeting last night, July 29.

Our King County Council Representative, Rod Dembowski, has been a great help throughout the purchase process, both helping Seattle realize the value of buying it to help restore/protect the Thornton Creek Watershed, and procuring funds through grants to buy and develop it. Thanks, Rod!

We can be thankful, also, to the owners, who wanted the land to be used by the community, and to the real estate, who procured TCA first right of refusal for the purchase, which allowed the property to stay off the market long enough for the city to be persuaded it was worth buying.

The two houses will be torn down by the end of September, and a big black locust tree is scheduled to be removed so its prolific reseeding won’t be a constant problem.

A non-profit based at Magunson Park, Mid-Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group, has been tapped to lead the habitat restoration. Being a non-profit makes it easy to use grant money for the project. Goals are 1) make it a green space with community access; 2) improve flood storage in the watershed; 3) provide quality habitat for critters. Note: salmon can’t reach that property yet due to some culverts, but future plans include altering the culverts to allow salmon to come through.

Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle Parks will be heavily involved, and will do the long-term maintenance when the project is completed. A consultant team has been hired to carry out the community engagement plan Mid-Sound Fisheries developed. Currently it is collecting info on neighborhood groups, churches, communities and such to reach out to. Pinehurst Community Council has asked to be on the list. The first community workshop will be virtual in the fall. A project website is being developed, from which you can sign up for the mailing list and take surveys.

Community feedback will include giving them ideas about neighborhood access to the park. There is no parking along NE125th St, so it will be a walk-to place. It is a floodplain, so access might be an overlook, or (my idea) a boardwalk, or???

The current schedule, assuming funding will keep rolling in, is:

  • Winter/spring – Community engagement
  • 2022-2023 – Preliminary design
  • 2023-2024 – Construction

After the Mid-Fisheries Enhancement Group presentation, Warren King George, Muckleshoot Tribe Historian, suggested some indigenous names for the property.

Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge Update

Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge 101: Bridge snapshot

  • 1,900 feet long, extending from North Seattle College on the west to Sound Transit’s Northgate Link light rail station on the east
  • 16 feet wide, with amenities such as benches at wildlife overlooks just west of I-5
  • Opening October 2021
The following construction activities will be taking place over the next several weeks:
 East side of I-5 (1st Ave NE between NE 92nd and NE 107th)
  • Installing signage, cable, and fencing
  • Electrical work
  • Grading and pouring curbs
  • Installing the irrigation system and landscaping
  • Parking drainage, resurfacing and striping

West side of I-5 (north side of North Seattle College and along N 100th St)

  • Placing concrete for bridge approach
  • Grading and planting the surrounding landscaping
  • Installation of art
  • Removing the construction office trailers

I-5 median (near the I-5 northbound express lane at NE 103rd St)

  • Nighttime removal of temporary support structures from bridge span (temporary nighttime lane and offramp closures)
  • Curb work
  • Grading and landscaping
  • Electrical work

Questions or concerns?
Visit the project webpage for more information and updates, or contact SDOT with any questions: or 206-905-3620

Pinehurst Picks

First we saw the fence go up, and now we’re seeing some cool paintings! Here’s the great blue heron.

Send in photos of art – or anything unexpected and fun – that you see on your walks around the neighborhood, to

Meeting About New Natural Area on NE 125th St

Click here to register for this meeting.

Pinehurst Home Sale Data

Homes actively for sale (black) and sold in last 30 days (red) in Pinehurst. Is it just random that most are west of 15th Ave NE? The 60 day map shows the same pattern. The 90 day map fills in the blank area a bit more. Light rail? Fewer condos (mobile younger homeowners) in the blank area between 15th & Lake City Way?
Data provided by John Lombard, Windermere Real Estate.
Last 30 days

May be an image of map

Last 60 days –

May be an image of map

Last 90 days –

May be an image of map

2021 Seattle Night Out – Tuesday August 3

Seattle is celebrating a modified Night Out this year!

Night Out is a national event promoted in Seattle by Seattle Police Department Crime Prevention. It is designed to heighten crime prevention awareness, increase neighborhood support in anti-crime efforts, and unite our communities.  Night Out is traditionally held the first Tuesday night in August.

If you are interested in participating, please register here.

Please follow local, state, and federal guidelines for safe gatherings; review the following:

-King County Covid-19 Data (

-Department of Health Coronavirus Information (

-Washington State Coronavirus Response Guidelines (

-Center for Disease Control and Prevention Facts about Covid-19 (

Contact our precinct’s Crime Prevention Coordinator if you are interested in swag, crime prevention handouts, or other materials for distribution at Night Out. (SPD’s Crime Prevention Coordinator team can be found here –

Keep in mind, due to staffing and call loads, SPD participation in Night Out may be limited.

2021 Lake City Farmers Market is Open!

Lake City Farmers Market opened today, July 1. It will be open every Thursday from 3 – 7 pm through September 23rd. Read about the market here:
 It’s in front of Lake City Library, at NE 125th & 28th NE.
In accordance with the Washington State Department of Health masking order, fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a mask while in the market. Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated people are still strongly encouraged to wear masks in crowded outdoor settings. Please help make this transition by respecting everyone regardless of their decision to wear a mask. More changes to the market are anticipated in the coming days and it asks that any concerns about market policies be directed to

2021 Pinehurstfest Canceled – Again – Due to Pandemic

Pinehurst Community Council is sad to report that we are canceling the 2021 Pinehurstfest due to the pandemic. Normally it is held on the 3rd Saturday of July. This year we were planning to include a grand opening celebration of the Pinehurst Emergency Hub, whose equipment box is located at Pinehurst Playground.
But Parks and Rec could not tell us whether we could use the park or not due to covid restrictions at the state and city levels. We felt we couldn’t plan the event, rehearse the musicians, order cake, recruit community tables, etc. with such uncertainty over whether we’d have to cancel or not.
But we still plan to have an Emergency Hub open house, along with an Urban Survival Skills Fair, this summer or fall when it is less iffy that we can reserve the park or close a street for it.
Stay tuned! We will also ask for volunteers to help explain the urban skills at table stations, such as for first aid, emergency toilet, pets, water, emergency hacks, etc. (we will train).