Pinehurst Ponies


Back in the 1930s & ‘40s, the Pinehurst area was a go-to place for horseback riding.

Before the residential neighborhoods around Pinehurst were built up, there were numerous riding academies and stables along 15th Ave NE north of the city limits at that time. Just in the area bounded by NE 125th St & NE 145th St, and 15th Ave NE & Lake City Way (then called Victory Way) there were six of them, where hundreds of horses were stabled. One, the Olympic Riding and Driving Academy had a half-mile racetrack and the largest show ring in Washington.

Here’s where they were:

  • 14001 17th Ave NE – Clearbrook Riding Academy, ca. 1932
  • 13751 17th Ave NE – Olympic Riding and Driving Club, ca. 1935 and sometimes calledOverland Stables.
  • NE 145th St and 30th Ave NE – Rightway Riding Academy, (originally known asMountain Trails Stables, opened ca. 1940)
  • 13045 15th Ave. NE – Olson’s Training Stables  – opened in the early 1930’s
  • NE 130th St and 20th Ave NE – Willowbrook Stables , ca. 1930
  • NE 130th St and 21st Ave NE – Woods Stables , ca. 1937

Maybe you have seen the memorial to Will Rogers in the little park behind Lake City Library. It commemorates the last polo game he ever played, at nearby Olympic Riding and Driving Club. This was memorable because it was right before he left on an ill-fated flying adventure.  Rogers was one of the most popular celebrities in the 1920s and ’30s. He first gained fame as a cowboy and vaudeville performer. Later, his social commentary was syndicated in many newspapers, and he starred in over 70 films. In 1935 he and a friend had planned to explore the air route to Asia and Europe from the U.S. through Alaska and Siberia in a small plane, but something went awry and they both died.

You can read more about the Pinehurst stables on the old Lake City blog in the Seattle PI here and here.

2016 Bias Crime Dashboard

Seattle Police Department publishes a bias crimes dashboard at its website. You can choose the year, the precinct or neighborhood, and types of bias crimes, then view a bar chart.

SPD defines neighborhoods such that the part of Pinehurst west of 15th Ave NE is in the Northgate Micro Community Policing Plan (MCPP) and the part east of 15th Ave NE is in Lake City’s NCPP. Therefore, I made the chart below show 2016 bias crimes in both Northgate and Lake City MCPPs.

The webpage is here if you want to use it yourself. There is no data yet for 2017.

Medicine Return Locations

King County now has a safe and convenient way to  dispose  of unwanted medicines. 

We can safely dispose of the medicines we no longer need by taking  them to a drop-box located throughout King County. This is part of a current effort to decrease the risk of drug abuse, overdose, and preventable poisonings.

Participating pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and law enforcement offices will accept most prescription and over-the-counter medicines for disposal. Mail-back envelopes are also available for residents who are home-bound or have limited mobility.

The depositories nearest Pinehurst are:

  • QFC, 11100 Roosevelt Way NE
  • QFC, 1531 NE 145th St
  • Northwest Prescriptions, 1536 N 115th St. Suite 100
  • Group Health Northgate, 9800 4th Ave NE

Medicines Accepted:

  • Medicines sold in any form – solids, liquids, creams
  • Prescription
  • Non-prescription (over-the-counter)
  • Controlled substances (such as OxyContin, Ritalin)
  • Pet medicines

Not Accepted for Return:

– Herbal Remedies
– Vitamins
– Supplements
– Cosmetics
– Personal Care Products
– Compressed Cylinders
– Aerosols
– Inhalers
– Medical Devices
– Pet Pesticide Products
– Sharps
– Illicit Drugs
– Iodine-Containing Products
– Medicines from Businesses

For more locations, see the map at


Legal Advice for Immigrants

Literacy Source in Lake City is hosting a Know Your Rights workshop for immigrants and refugees (in English and Spanish) on Tuesday, March 7th at 6:00 pm at its Learning Center (3200 NE 125th Street).  All are welcome.  They will also have a number of immigration attorneys available for short, FREE consultations between 6:00-8:00 pm – pre-registration for the consultations is required.  Please help spread the word about this event.

To sign up for an appointment with an attorney, call Literacy Source at 206.782.2050.   Please note:

  • Consultations are short and limited – 15-20 minutes at most, to answer basic questions or provide referrals
  • Come with a question to best use the short amount of time
  • Bring immigration documents with you
  • Bring an interpreter if you don’t want to communicate in English

January 2017 Pinehurst Crime Map

Here is a partial picture of Pinehurst property crime for the month. Click on the map to enlarge it.

You can see ALL the types of crime at Select the North neighborhood and enter a date range.

Bingo & Karaoke in Lake City

Bingo Karaoke is at the LC Community Center every second Saturday, from 6:30-8:30 pm. This is a fun opportunity to play bingo, sing for your friends, and raise funds for Seattle NE Rotary projects right in Lake City.

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for February 2017

This month over 80 people attended! The guest speakers were on the Seattle and King County Heroin and Prescription Opiate Addiction Task Force. They told us their findings and recommendations. You may have heard that one recommendation is to open a couple safe injection sites where adults can use heroin with supervision. You can read all the minute from the meeting here, but below are the notes specifically about the safe injection sites:

Safe injection sites:
i. Not only help users stay healthy (and get fast treatment if they overdose);
users talking with social workers and nurses on site can start them thinking
differently, and eventually open up opportunities for change.
ii. Will help make communities healthier and safer – reduce needles lying
around, etc. So the first sites will be located where there are already big
problems with overdoses, outdoor shooting up, and discarded needles
lying around.
iii. Starting with two sites as a pilot program. Can later expand to other
neighborhoods that would benefit from them. Many would be good
because users aren’t going to travel far to use; data shows it’s about 5
blocks. None will be established in areas that don’t already have problems.
iv. Research shows safe injection sites save municipalities a lot of money.
v. It does NOT mean heroin is being decriminalized. SPD will still go after
dealers and prolific offenders. Data analysis will continue to find which
neighborhoods to focus SPD efforts.

Got a Small Park or Street Improvement Project in Mind?

Do you have an idea for a small-scale improvement in a park or street in our neighborhood?

Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets is an opportunity for community members to directly decide how to spend $2 million​ of the City’s budget on small-scale physical improvement projects in Seattle’s parks & streets. These can be crosswalks, medians, flashing beacons, sidewalk repair, curb ramps, park benches, trail improvements, etc.  Each project must be under $90K.  All through February, Your Voice, Your Choice will be collecting ideas.
On Saturday, February 18, Lake City Greenways will be hosting an idea-collection event at the Lake City branch library meeting room between 12:30 and 2:00 p.m.  This will be a  drop-in, swing by, or stay-as-long-as-you-like affair. Brainstorm with your neighbors, get help putting together ideas, or simply come by to watch it unfold!

Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

Six year old Kayleigh dedicated this poem and drawing to her Mom when she made it at Pinehurstfest last summer. Beautiful! It’s up in the kiosk for February. The park is on the corner of NE 117th & 19th Ave NE. Thanks Kayleigh!

If you would like to submit your child’s artwork for the Pocket Park, please email We’ll put it on mat board donated by FRAMEIT Ltd, 10712 5th Ave NE.

Who has the Right of Way When Driving with Power Out?

If you roll up on a darkened stoplight during a power outage, would you know what to do?

When approaching a darkened stoplight, drivers in Washington should:

A) Slow and look for oncoming traffic before proceeding.

B) Come to a full stop and treat the intersection as an all-way stop.

C) Yield to the vehicle on their right.

Give yourself 100% if you answered “B.”

Drivers should treat a darkened stoplight as an all-way stop, coming to a complete stop before they reach the intersection. Then, they may proceed cautiously in the order in which they arrived.

You’ll also want to watch for these what-ifs:

  • If a law enforcement officer or other authorized person is directing traffic, follow his or her instructions, regardless of who got there first.
  • If you roll up to the intersection at the same time as another car, yield to the driver on your right.
  • If a pedestrian is attempting to cross, he or she has priority (the same as at any crosswalk, marked or not).
  • If the stoplight is flashing red in all directions, treat it as a four-way stop.
  • If the stoplight is flashing yellow in all directions, you don’t have to stop, but you should proceed very cautiously.