Dec. 14 Holiday Improv at Lake City Community Center

“It’s a Wonderful Improvised Life” combines the wacky and wonderful imaginations of the Taproot improvisers with the audience’s suggestions, telling this favorite Christmas story in a whole new way. Using it’s a Wonderful Life as a guide; the actors make every performance unique by soliciting key story elements from the audience’s suggestions.

We’ll open with appetizers and beverages. Seating begins at 7:45pm.

Ticket prices per show:

$10/pp, $9 Seniors, Under 12 free

Tickets are available at Lake City Community Center (cash or check) or online at:

Poster It's a wonderful life FINAL

Pinehurst Picks


Please feel free to send in photos of art – or anything unexpected and fun – you see on your walks around the neighborhood to

Pinehurst Pets – Mr. Jones


Can you see what’s special about Mr. Jones?

Here is Mr. Jones’ story, as told by his people: Mr. Jones was a used cat when we got him. He was 5 months old and was living with a family and 3 adult cats at the time. The family didn’t want that many cats. They had been catching, spaying and neutering the feral cats in Columbia City, where they live, then releasing them. They were confiscating the kittens and finding homes for them.

MrJonesMr. Jones was in the last batch of kittens from the last mommy cat they caught. She had been wiley, and evaded capture for quite a while. These people had taken multiple batches of kittens from her. When Mr. Jones’ litter was born mommy actually brought them to the doorstep of this family. She must have known they would take the babies anyway.

A friend of ours knew that we had lost our older cats to cancer and we wanted to get another. She told us about her friends who had Mr. Jones. They named him after a friend of theirs and we decided the name fit him perfectly. He is a happy, healthy 5 year old now.

Did you figure out Mr. Jones’ special feature? Look at his tail. He’s not just flicking it at the moment the photo was taken. Mr. Jones was born with his tail curled. It relaxes straight when he relaxes. It is not kinked at all. Probably the muscles are stronger on one side of the tail than the other. 

If you’d like your pet featured, please send a photo and its name and a short description or story to

Another Chance for Better Internet?

When Gigabit Seattle was looking at neighborhoods the greater Northgate area was one of the ones under serious consideration. I heard that we had more signups expressing interest than any other neighborhood but one. That company wasn’t able to secure funding and so the plan didn’t happen. But there is a company with a much better track record who is starting to expand out now as well. CondoInternet has traditionally focused on multi-family buildings like condos but they are now expanding to include single family homes in Eastlake. They are also talking about other neighborhoods and they’ve got a page where you can signup to express interest.

If we can get the level of interest that we got last time it would probably go a long way to reminding them that we’re up here. It certainly can’t hurt. :)

So please share this far and wide (but especially in the neighborhood) and make sure everybody fills it out, especially those who aren’t on the blog or Facebook group and wouldn’t see this normally.

Fill this out:

More info:

Dressing for Cold Weather

KeepCalmWe’re having a cold snap! Here are some tips for keeping warm, especially if there is a power outage:

  • If power outages occur, find places where you can go to get warm.  Friends and family may have power and warm homes you can visit.
  • Dress warmly in loose-fitting, layered, lightweight clothing. Outer garments should be tightly woven, water repellent and natural wool, if possible.
  • Wear a hat. More than half of body heat is lost through the top of the head.
  • Wear mittens that are snug at the wrist. Mittens offer better protection than gloves which allow your fingers to cool much faster.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a scarf to help protect lungs from cold air.
  • Keep yourself and your clothes dry. Change wet socks and all other wet clothing as quickly as possible to prevent loss of body heat. Wet clothing loses its insulation value and transmits heat rapidly.

One Warm Coat Donations Collection

coatFOUNDATION HOUSE AT NORTHGATE has partnered with One Warm Coat for a third year collecting new or clean, gently used coats, jackets, mittens, scarves and hats for men, women and children.

Donated items will be distributed for free, locally, through St. Vincent de Paul to those in need.

Bring donations to FOUNDATION HOUSE AT NORTHGATE, 11301 3rd Avenue NE, (just north of Target & Best Buy) December 1st thru the 22nd between 8am and 7pm.

Pinehurst Picks


Ok, what is this, and where is it? Hint: it’s west of 15th Ave NE.

Please feel free to send in photos of art – or anything unexpected and fun – you see on your walks around the neighborhood to

October 2014 Pinehurst Crime Report

Here is a partial picture of Pinehurst property crime for the month. Click on the map to enlarge it.

You can see ALL the types of crime at Select the North neighborhood and enter a date range.


North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes – November 2014


This month’s guest speaker was Ron Ward, Assistant Monitor, Seattle Police Monitoring Team. He explained the role of the Monitoring Team in Seattle Police Department’s process of complying with the consent decree following US Department of Justice’s 2011 finding that SPD showed a pattern of excessive use of force and biased policing. DOJ got involved after receiving a petition signed by thirty-three Seattle community groups in 2010 requesting it investigate these alleged abuses.  Read his comments in section 1 of the  meeting minutes, below.

Also at this meeting, the North Precinct Captain, David Emerick gave context around the experience with SPD that Seattle Times journalist Danny Westneat  had in late October following a car prowl when his family located the thief’s car via cell phone GPS.  Read about it in section 2 of the meeting minutes.

The minutes are here:

Kids’ Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

Reanne-6-ToothlessThere’s a new artwork at Pinehurst Pocket Park, in the kiosk at NE 117th St & 19th Ave NE. Six year old Reanne drew this picture of Toothless at this summer’s Pinehurstfest. Who’s Toothless? He’s a mischievous dragon in the book and movie, How to Train Your Dragon.

If you would like to submit your child’s artwork for the Pocket Park, please email We’ll put it on mat board donated by FRAMEIT Ltd, 10712 5th Ave NE.