Auto Theft Prevention

Here are tips on auto theft prevention from SPD’s Crime Prevention Coordinators:

As the weather turns colder, we often see an increase in auto theft incidents, specifically incidents where individuals turn on their vehicles to warm them up, and leave them unattended- even for just a moment.

For this month’s crime prevention newsletter- we would like to focus on preventing vehicle related crimes- including auto theft and car prowl.

What is auto theft?
-Theft or attempted theft of a motor vehicle

What is a car prowl?
-Unlawful taking of motor vehicle contents or parts

Both of these crimes are referred to as crimes of opportunity and can happen very fast! An experienced car thief can break in and steal a car in less than one minute!

What are some prevention techniques for car prowl and auto theft?

-Never leave your car running or the keys in the ignition when you’re away, even for ‘just a minute’, please remember this is illegal in Seattle and in Washington (SMC 11.70.160, RCW 46.61.600)

-Remove remote garage door openers, key fobs and key cards from vehicle

-Always lock doors and roll up windows, even if the car is parked in front of your home

-Never leave valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked

-Items you don’t want to take with you should be stored in the trunk, or out of sight

-Put items in the trunk before you arrive at your destination

-Even non-valuable items should be hidden from view (such as electronic charging cables)

-If possible, park vehicle in a busy, locked, monitored and/or well-lit area

-Utilize anti-theft devices (Please contact me directly for link/suggestions for where to purchase these)

-If possible, activate alarm

What else can you do?

-Be observant! If you see something, say something!

-Remember to always report all crimes and suspicious activity to the Seattle Police Department by calling 911 for in-progress crimes, or utilize the non-emergency number/online reporting if appropriate (see below)

-Organize and/or get involved with Block Watch

North Precinct’s Crime Prevention Coordinator position is vacant, so contact Sergeant Martin Welte instead:



Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge Project Update – Nov 23, 2020

The following construction activities will be taking place over the next several weeks:

Long-term single-lane closure of I-5 express lane off-ramp (at 1st Ave NE and NE 103rd St)

A long-term single-lane closure of the express lane off-ramp at 1st Ave NE and NE 103rd St will remain in effect over the next several months. One lane on the express lane off-ramp will remain open during the regularly scheduled express lane daytime hours of 8 AM to 11 PM.

East side of I-5: 1st Ave NE (between NE 92nd St and NE 107th St) 

  • Construction of temporary handrails and walkways
  • Installation of bridge deck forms
  • Electrical work
  • Installation of bridge falsework
  • Removal of temporary shoring structure near the I-5 northbound express lane at NE 103rd St
  • Placement of concrete for new sidewalk and curb ramp
  • Installation of cast-in-place concrete girders for what’s commonly known as the “hairpin turn”

West side of I-5 (north side of North Seattle College and along N 100th St) 

  • Electrical installation at the north entrance of the college

I-5 median (near the I-5 northbound express lane at NE 103rd St)  

  • Concrete work for pier columns
    • Placing forms and rebar cages
    • Placing concrete
    • Allowing concrete curing time
    • Removing the forms
  • Electrical work

Upcoming work

Construction will continue through the end of 2020 and in 2021. In March 2021,  2 bridge spans will be erected over I-5. Each span will be assembled in the median of I-5, moved into place using self-propelled transporters, and lifted by cranes. In the new year there will be information about nighttime and weekend work related to this work.

What to expect during construction

  • Some noise and construction vehicle activity, including cranes
  • Some nighttime and weekend work
  • Detours for people walking and biking
  • Lane reductions on Northgate express lane on- and off-ramp
  • 2 freeway closures and detours (on weekends and at night only)
  • Construction staging and parking impacts near the construction sites, including at the north side of North Seattle College along N 100th St and on NE 100th St at 1st Ave NE
  • Closure of the North Seattle Park & Ride on 1st Ave NE

Questions during construction? Contact us:

Darrell Bulmer
(206) 905-3620

North Seattle Marketplace – Shop Local

Times are tough for businesses during the pandemic. Shop local; shop North Seattle!

If you are a local business, you can advertise your business in the marketplace, too.

The North Seattle website is here:

All the ‘support local’ portals are here:

Monster’s Corner – Trigger Stacking

Good morning Pinehurstians furry and non-furry alike! We here at Monster’s Corner needed to slow down our social media consumption there for a bit. Sometimes it’s all a bit much which gave me the idea for today’s topic: trigger stacking!

The best definition I found for what trigger stacking is comes from Lisa Desatnik, CPDT-KA, CPBC*: trigger stacking occurs when numerous stress inducing stimulus occur simultaneously or within a relatively short period of time, and thus collectively decrease an animal’s coping tolerance.

This is an especially helpful concept to keep in mind when you have a reactive dog, but any being can become trigger stacked. My advice for those who their dog (or bird or partner) is approaching their limit of stressors before going over threshold is to cut the activity that presents the possibility of interacting with another stressor short. If that means you’re only on a walk for half an hour rather than an hour then fill the rest of the time with your dog with something else enriching and/or relaxing. Half walk, half tug, perhaps? Some dogs would love half walk and the other half with a nice long chew. Spending the other walk time practicing a trick could also be great for your dog (if they like learning tricks, of course)!

Getting in the habit of identifying your dog’s riggers and doing your best to keep their exposure to said triggers at a level they can handle is so important for your sentient best bud!


Kingfisher Natural Area Work Parties – Thornton Creek

Thornton Creek watershed is all around us. Thornton Creek Natural Area is a series of properties in the Northgate neighborhood that preserve green space around Thornton Creek. This natural area includes Beaver Pond, Licorice Fern, Kingfisher, and other smaller natural areas and includes paths, restored native plants, and wildlife viewing. One of the designated natural areas, Kingfisher, is just south of Pinehurst, across Northgate Way.

Below is a link to the upcoming volunteer work planting parties starting November 21st and extending for the following 4 Saturdays into December. There are many plants for King Fisher this year, a lot of area to cover and work party size restrictions due to covid, so it will be challenging, and as always great recreation in a superb setting.

The planting area, although highly impacted by camping over the last winter/ spring, has been cleaned up by stewards, neighbors and the city, and covered over with mulch, and is a blank slate for reforestation. Come join for an hour or more, or for multiple days if you wish.

Be sure to register below, watch the video, and please unregister if you cannot attend to open the space for someone else. Take care all, and thank you for your interest in volunteering to make our neighborhood a better place.

Volunteer at

Pinehurst Walking Craft Fair – Nov 14, 2020

This Saturday, 1 – 4 pm, is our first Pinehurst Walking Craft Fair. Help support local crafters who have been affected by fair cancelations due to the pandemic. They will set up their goods in front of their residences and we can walk from one to the next. Exercise is good, right? Rain or Shine.

Wear a mask, stay socially distanced. Be prepared to pay cash, though some may have multiple payment methods.

There will be candles, plants and vases, jewelry, greeting cards, embroidery, crochet, Christmas decorations, paintings and more.

The map is here:

Click on a purple star marker for artist, address and type of goods.


Online Women’s Personal Safety Class

In partnership with a few neighborhood groups, and the Seattle Parks Department- the Seattle Police Department is offering online Women’s Personal Safety Classes.
Learn proactive tips and steps you can take to enhance your personal safety taught by female Seattle police officers and female employees.
Class goals:
-Know the important role your instincts and gut reactions play
-Discover potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them
-Learn how to make a safety plan
-Decrease the odds of becoming a victim
About the class:
-This is a facilitated discussion and lecture about crime prevention and safety.
-This is not a self-defense class.
-This class is open to women of all ages and most appropriate for young women who are at least 14 year of age or older. For that reason, children should not attend.
The following two classes are scheduled at this time:
-Thursday November 12th at 3pm (register here: (Please keep in mind: If you do not have an account, you may need to create one. Please register for the following class number: #40869)
-Monday November 23rd at 3pm (register here:
If you are unable to attend either of these scheduled classes, don’t worry, they are working on scheduling many more (at varying days/times) in the coming weeks/months.


The Puppyhurst Doggo News

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – All the Tales That’re Fit to Wag

Dateline: Friday, November 6, 2020

Yesterday doggo reporter, Ceiba Bunny, caught up with newer Puppyhurst resident, Hazel, age 8 months. Hazel, a Bichon Frise/King Charles mix, has been with her family for all of her life and is loving life with human mom, dad, and sister home all the time. Although it’s been hard to make other doggo friends due to the pandemic, she’s a budding party planner. Hazel loves to rearrange the soil in the yard to make more room for party games. Her favorite games are Chase-the-Squirrel and Bop-the-Balloon. “Bop-the-Balloon is just the best!” woofed this cutie-patootie. “Your human blows up a balloon (I mean, they’re good at it) and then toss it to you, and you bop it with your nose until it pops!” When asked if the popping of the balloon scares her, Hazel passed it off with a confident shrug, “No, of course not! It’s just a balloon. There are always more balloons!” she winked.

You can see more PuppyHurst Doggo News at Click on the Blog menu item.

North Precinct Advisory Council Report – November 2020

NPAC is still not meeting, but it is getting reports monthly from North Precinct’s Captain, City Attorney’s Office and King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Read the report here.

City of Seattle Resource List

With the elimination of SPD Precinct Community Policing Teams, SPD has received many questions from community members about where to turn when they have a question, concern or inquiry. SPD put together the following resource list to hopefully assist going forward. Thanks to Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner from the Southwest Precinct for sending this to us (our North Precinct CPC position is vacant).

City of Seattle Resource List