NW Solar Now Workshop on June 1st

Sustainable NE Seattle and NW Wind & Solar are hosting another free “NW Solar Now” workshop to be held on Monday, June 1st, 2015 from 6 – 7:30 pm at the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church. Attendees will receive a Community Discount on a new solar PV system and free online monitoring worth $800.

Attached is a flyer with full details of the workshop. Online registration is at http://www.nwwindandsolar.com/registration/.

Thornton Creek Alliance Meeting May 28

Learn about Thornton Creek’s place in the draft Lake City Urban Design Framework.



Pinehurst Picks


Please feel free to send in photos of art – or anything unexpected and fun – you see on your walks around the neighborhood to info@pinehurstseattle.org.

April 2015 Pinehurst Crime Report

Here is a partial picture of Pinehurst property crime for the month. Click on the map to enlarge it. There are only two instances of mail theft. Is everyone reported it every time it occurs, or is it getting better?

You can see ALL the types of crime at http://web5.seattle.gov/mnm/policereports.aspx. Select the North neighborhood and enter a date range.


Buying and Using Marijuana in Seattle

From a paSPDbadgemphlet by SPD and City Attorney’s Office:

Where can I buy marijuana in Seattle? A current list of the stores licensed by the Washington State Liquor Control Board is at www.seattle.gov/cityattorney/news/stay-informed.

Should I buy marijuana at a medical dispensary or collective garden? No! You should only patronize I-502 retailers licensed by the state. All other dispensaries and collective gardens are neither licensed nor regulated. They have no quality control or labeling requirements or safety guidelines, so you cannot know with certainty what you are buying or how much THC is in it. Anyone distributing marijuana without an I-502 licence is also committing a felony under both Washington and federal low. Unlicensed medical dispensaries may have an affirmative defense to criminal charges, but all are subject to arrest and criminal prosecution for distributing marijuana outside the I-502 system.

Should I buy marijuana in a park or on the street? No! The person selling it to you is committing felony delivery. State law allows only I-502 licensed stores to sell marijuana. There is no state certification or guarantee that you are getting quality, untainted marijuana if you buy from anyone other than an I-502 licensed store.

Where can I use marijuana? Marijuana can be used any place that is not in view of the general public. Streets, sidewalks, parks, and public places are all in the view of the general public. Marijuana use includes smoking, vaping and ingesting edibles.

Can I use marijuana in a park? No!

Can I smoke the marijuana? If you choose to smoke marijuana, you must comply with the open use laws as well as the smoking laws for the State of Washington. These are two separate infractions and could total well over $200 in fines if combined. Do not smoke marijuana in view of the general public and do not smoke it inside a business or within 25 feet of the entrance to a business. Check with your hotel/motel for any rooms where smoking might be permitted.

Can I take it home with me? Not if you live outside Washington State. Buy it here, enjoy it here.

Can I take it on an airplane? No!

State-Licensed Stores Address
Cannabis City 2733 4TH Ave S
Uncle Ike’s 2310 E Union St
Ocean Greens 9724 Aurora Ave N
Grass 14343 15th Ave NE #A
Mary’s N Seattle 12230 Aurora Ave N #B
Ganja Goddess 3207 1ST Ave S Unit C
Herb’s House 716 NW 65th St
Seattle Cannabis Co. 3230 1st Ave S #B
A Greener Today Recreational 10522 Lake City Way NE #C103-104
Hashtag 3540 Stone Way N
Herbn Elements 11013 Lake City Wy NE
Seattle Tonics 12059 Aurora Avenue N


North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for May 2015

SPDbadgeThe guest speaker this month was Brendan Brophy, attorney with the Seattle Attorney’s Office. He is the Office’s liaison with the North Precinct. He spoke about the Nuisance Properties Ordinance. It’s a tool police can use to deal with businesses and houses that have frequent nuisance activities. Orion Motel was one such property, and Fusion Ultra Lounge in the U District.

The precinct picnic will be July 11 near Ballard Commons, in conjunction with Ballard Seafoodfest. Mark your calendars!

We were given an update on design plans for the new precinct building. It will be on Aurora and 130th. Until the existing buildings on the new property are demolished in a little over a year, the city is looking into temporarily using one of them, Pi Bank, to house Mary’s Place, a homeless family shelter that has to move from its current location in South Lake Union.

For more details about these topics, and for more news, read the minutes here.

145th St Multimodal Open House (May 20th)

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.52.42 PM

145th Street Multimodal Corridor Study Open House
Wednesday, May 20th from 6:00-8:30 p.m.

Shoreline City Hall
17500 Midvale Avenue N
Shoreline, WA 98133

More details here:

From Fred McQueen:

For anyone that’s interested, there will be an open house on May 20th at the Shoreline City Hall regarding the 145th St Multimodal Corridor Study. It’s a chance to come voice concerns; offer suggestions for how to improve traffic flow (cars; trucks; bikes; buses & pedestrians); give input on how to improve bike & pedestrian safety; etc.

Before anyone asks, as of now, there is no plan in place for what is to be done to improve 145th in anticipation of the light rail station going in at 145th & I5, that’s why there’s a task force in place & a series of open houses happening (this is the first of 3 over the next year). So we can, hopefully, come up w/a plan that works for everyone. That’s why community input is so important.

If you have any questions, can’t make the open house, just want to voice an opinion or concern semi-anonymously, or anything else, feel free to email me: CATF.McQueen@shorelinewa.gov. (There are also email addys for the other neighbourhood reps in the area, and I can pass those on if people want the list, I just didn’t want to make this post 4 pages long lol)

And please, let your neighbours & anyone else you think might be interested know about this. It’s open to everyone, and all are welcome.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 3.38.30 PM

Street Crack Repairs

StreetConstructionDepartment of Transportation is preparing to roll out crack-seal crews and equipment. If weather is warm and dry the week of May 10th, crews will begin this seasonal work, applying low-tack sealant to pavement cracks to keep water from seeping under the street surface, helping to prevent potholes and other roadway damage. Crack-sealing continues throughout the summer.

The crack-filling work will be done at these locations:

  • Pinehurst Way NE – between Roosevelt Way NE and 15th Avenue NE
  • Roosevelt Way NE – between NE 75th Street and Pinehurst Way NE
  • 35th Avenue NE – between NE 135th Street and NE 65th Street

Crews install “No Parking” signs on both sides of the street approximately 72 hours prior to the start of work, so the appearance of these signs is a good indication of when work will start on a particular street. The parking restrictions will be in effect from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and will be removed as soon as the work is done, typically within a day.

Crews will close one lane at a time for approximately 3-4 hours for the operation and to allow the sealant to set.  Traffic flaggers will assist and sidewalks will remain open at all times.

Pet License and/or Chip Opportunity

We all love our pets, right? Here’s a good offer from Seattle Animal Shelter and Good Neighbor Vet, for licensing or chipping:


Northgate Link Extension – Drop-In Meetings

There will be three drop-in meetings about the light rail being built between the University District and Northgate. Staff will be there to answer questions, but there is no formal presentation. See more info below: