Lake City School site to be redeveloped into 150 unit apartment complex

Update (8/2/08): This is a Lorig project and the architects are Mithun. I spoke with members of Greater Lake City Community Council and they are very excited about this project. There will be many green elements (it is unclear if Lorig will go for LEED certification) and pedestrian amenities. Lake City core sorely needs good development like what is promised with this.

There is a new development planned at the Lake City School site on 125th.

The proposal is for a five-story, 150 unit apartment building with surface parking and additional parking located within the structure. Existing school building with office uses to remain. Project will require contract rezone. This means that Seattle City Council must approve the rezone in order for the project to proceed.

The Design Review meeting:
Date: Monday, August 18, 2008
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: University Height Community Center
5031 University Wy NE
Room 209

Marti Stave (206) 684-0239, is the DPD planner on this project.
Christine Nagamine (206) 971-5688, is the developer contact for the project.

The Land Use Notice is here.

The Lake City School property is currently owned by Seattle Public Schools. (This has been a difficult fact to track down as the King County Property Records show it as owned by the City of Seattle while people associated with the project understand it is owned by Seattle Public Schools.)

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  • Matt

    YES! LEED should be manditory for any development in Pinehurst, lets align with the City’s long term goals for LEED and open spaces for our local projects and lead the way. Im sure there will be good press in it for Lorig/Mithun as well.

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