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A few folks have been discussing neighborhood branding. What is our image as a neighborhood? If we made bumper stickers, what would they say?

Remember the “Visualize Ballard” stickers from the 90’s? Or, the “Maple Leaf 4 Life” stickers that they give away at Cloud City Coffee?

Here is a call – if we made bumper stickers, what would they say? Add your own ideas to the comments. If we get some good ones, we will make bumper stickers and make them available to the neighborhood.

11 comments to Bumper Stickers

  • Nail56

    How about:
    “Pinhehurst coming up!”

  • Renee

    Here is another idea that was e-mailed to me:

    Loving Living in Pinehurst
    Lovin’ Livin’ Pinehurst

  • CSDE

    How about:

    Pinehurst: Less vague than Victory Heights


    – Matt

  • Anonymous

    Another tree hugger from Pinehurst

  • Anonymous

    Pinehurst: Even further north than Northgate

  • Renee

    Another idea that was e-mailed:

    Seattle’s Most Wanted

    The Pinehurst neighboorhood is populated by cultural diversity, historical preservation, and, let’s be honest – some late-night crime. I like it here: a true cross-section of lives, including the good and the bad. This makes us Seattle’s Most Wanted!

  • Renee

    Another that was e-mailed:

    Pinehurst: Conveniently located between Northgate and the speed trap at Lake City Way

  • Renee

    More e-mail comments:

    I like rurban or something to do with rural.

  • Renee

    Another e-mailed idea:

    Imagine Pinehurst

  • Anonymous

    The ones I came up with were for Lake City –

    1. Lake City – Yeah, we’ll take you.
    2- Lake City – We’re Rurban!”
    3- Lake City – Seattle’s Rurban Oasis!”


  • Anonymous

    Hi, I apoligize in advance for getting all “marketing manager” on you. This discussion makes me think: organizations usually go through a process of analysis before they come up with a final core brand.

    The first thing brainstormed is usually what the organization (in this case, neighborhood) means to the internal audience (in this case, residents). For example: 1) What do you like best about your neighborhood?; 2) What are you proud of in your neighborhood?; 3) What is unique about your neighborhood?; 4) What do people misunderstand about your neighborhood?; etc.

    After that it’s helpful to brainstorm a list of attributes about the organization (neighborhood) and try to get it down to a top 5 or 6.

    After that it’s pretty easy to boil all that down to a brand driver — a word or two – of what you want to communicate about your organization (neighborhood).

    Maybe that’s out of the scope of this discussion, but it would be a fun exercise sometime. Karla (karlaspeak@hotmail)

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