Participants in the Pinehurst Summer Social

Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program
Aroma City Cafe
Seattle School Board Member Sherry Carr
Cascade Bicycle Club
Feet First
Friends of Pinehurst Shelterhouse
Heart of America NW
Little Pastry Cafe
Meadowbrook Co-op Preschool
Peder Nielsen
Pinehurst Community Council
Pinehurst Safeway
Gerry Pollet – Candidate for 46th District, 1st position
Puget Sound Regional Council
St. Matthew School
St. Catherine School
St. George’s Episcopal Church
Seattle Climate Action NOW
Seattle Parks and Recreation
Seattle Residential Green Building Team
Seattle Tilth
John Sullivan – Candidate for 46th District, 2nd position
Urban Land Institute
Scott White – Candidate for 46th District, 1st position

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