Jackson Park Trail

A small group of interested neighbors met with Eric Friedli and Andy Soden of Seattle Parks Department yesterday to discuss the prospect of a walking/biking trail around Jackson Park Golf Course. It was our first meeting and it went well.

There is solid interest on the part of Seattle Parks Department Superintendent Tim Gallagher to […]

Seattle Times Townhouse/Micropermitting Article

Sharon Chan gives some more perspective and updates regaring the townhouse and micropermitting issue.

Crime Prevention in Pinehurst

A few people have asked for a post with information on crime prevention and related topics. Here you go.

Graffiti – Graffiti must be removed within 24 hours. You can report graffiti on public or private property (the City will contact the property owner to remind them that it must be removed within 24 […]

Parks and Green Spaces Levy Public Meetings

The Seattle City Council has empanelled a Parks and Green Spaces Committee to assemble a levy package for this November’s ballot which will to continue to fund investments in Seattle’s green infrastructure.

Critical to the success of this effort will be significant public turnout and input into the shape of the levy at the three […]

Elementary Schools – Changes to school assignment process

Recently, a number of people have raised the issue of elementary schools as something that they would like to learn more about and possibly get more involved in.

Seattle Public Schools currently assigns students to elementary schools by a process that actually allows for some choice. Current school assignment rules are here. Most likely, starting […]

Northgate Urban Center Legislative Rezone Proposal

The following is Q&A prepared by the City of Seattle regarding the Northgate Urban Center Legislative Rezone Proposal:

Q1: What is the Northgate Urban Center Rezone proposal?A: The City is proposing to change zoning on up to 98 acres of land in the Northgate Urban Center in the City of Seattle. The rezone would allow […]

Seattle Parks Strategic Action Plan

Seattle Parks is developing a Strategic Action Plan to establish a vision and guide decisions over the next five years. Public participation is an integral part of this process to ensure the Plan reflects the needs of the Seattle community.

For more information, go to:

Or, attend a public meeting

Wednesday, April 16th 6:30 […]

4/19 Neighborhood Planning (Citywide) Discussion

Volunteers Needed for Planning Pinehurst Summer Social Event

Do you have an interest in sustainability? Do you like reaching out to new neighbors? Do you like planning events?We are holding a Pinehurst Summer Social Event that will have a sustainability focus. The event will be from 4 to 7 PM on Saturday, August 9th.

We have invited Seattle City Councilmembers and a number […]

5/20 Seattle City Council – Community Budget Meetings

How would you choose to spend your tax dollars while balancing the City’s need for:

Sidewalks/crosswalks/traffic calming?Police and Public Safety?Open Space and Parks?Human Services and Housing for the Homeless?

Join us at an upcoming Budget Community Meeting and talk directly to your elected Councilmembers about how you want your city tax dollars spent.

Designing a […]