Apply for a $3000 Grant to Improve Pinehurst

The Find It, Fix It Community Walk includes a $3,000 grant for improving the community. Anyone may apply, but note that you must spend the money prior to being reimbursed by the City after you turn in your receipts. Pinehurst Community Council will no doubt submit some applications, and you can, too. Usually the City […]

Got a Small Park or Street Improvement Project in Mind?

Do you have an idea for a small-scale improvement in a park or street in our neighborhood?

Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets is an opportunity for community members to directly decide how to spend $2 million​ of the City’s budget on small-scale physical improvement projects in Seattle’s parks & […]

Community Conversations Event in Lake City November 9th

You may be wondering why we post so many events related to Lake City. It is the urban core nearest to us. The community groups in Lake City consider Pinehurst and other similarly residential neighborhoods nearby to be important constituents with a stake in its future and they welcome our input. So here’s another Lake […]

Take the ‘Elder-Friendly Community’ Survey

Aging & Disability Services (ADS)—the Area Agency on Aging for Seattle-King County—wants to know how you think we can become a more elder-friendly community. Every four years, ADS develops a plan that charts the course the agency will take in creating an elder-friendly community. ADS looks at demographics and other trends, and major service goals […]

Housing Availability Survey

Let the city know your thoughts on housing affordability and livability in Seattle. Take the survey here:

Update on Lake City’s Fire Station #39 Site

Regarding the disposition of the old Fire Station #39 at the corner of NE 127th and 30th Ave NE, as you will recall, some time back the City proposed that the site be sold for development of homeless-transitional housing. Since then several civic planning groups have convened, from the Pierre properties “visioning” to formation of […]

Northgate Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Open House

Tuesday, June 3, 5:30 – 7:30 pm, there will be an open house regarding the Northgate bridge that will be built across I-5. The presentation starts at 6:00.

Come learn more about possible alignments, bridge types and other area transportation improvements. Project staff will be on hand to review project details and hear your comments.


Take the Northgate Urban Design Survey

Here’s an opportunity to weigh in on the Northgate Urban Design Framework (UDF). You can read the entire draft here, but you needn’t read it because the survey describes features on which it asks your opinion.

The UDF, developed with extensive community input, defines the future vision of the Northgate area.

The UDF’s guidance will:


Free Trees to Plant in Your Yard

One of Seattle’s goals is to increase the city’s tree canopy. Trees make our streets friendly to walk and bike. They soak up rainwater, keeping our streams, lakes and Puget Sound clean. Trees melt away stress and help us recover from illness. They calm traffic, and help avoid accidents. Trees clean our air, making […]

Shaping Seattle Neighborhoods

What goes into making a neighborhood great and keeping it that way? How should policy makers balance issues such as economic development, open space, density, long-term growth and neighborhood desires while keeping Seattle Seattle?

The next episode of Seattle Speaks – a live, interactive town hall program – will focus on Shaping Seattle Neighborhoods and […]