Crime Prevention Reminders

This week we heard of a theft of personal property from the driveway of one of our neighbors. That, and that we’re on the eve of a new year, a time for fresh beginnings, make it a good time to review some tips for crime prevention:

Keep your car doors locked, and don’t leave things […]

Northgate Council Land Use Rezone

There’s a proposed rezone in the Northgate area which is accepting comments now through 1/12/2011. It will change a large block along Northgate Way from MR-60 to NC3-85. This means it’s going from residential multifamily midrise with a maximum height of 60 ft to a neighborhood commercial with a maximum height of 85 feet.

It’s […]

A sidewalk is coming to NE 115th St!

The City of Seattle has announced the list of 20 projects that have been awarded funds form the Neighborhood Projects Fund. We were awarded $81,000 for an asphalt walkway between 5th and 7th. Hopefully we can have more built soon through future rounds of funding!

A project manager from SDOT will be calling us in […]

Free Two Dog Yoga Events

Sorry for the short notice on this. I realize the weekly email already went out but I received this afterwards. And I apologize that some people might not see this until it’s too late but I figured it was better to put it up now than not at all.

FREE WEEK! December 20-24, 2010


Treehouse Coffee breakfast special this weekend (December 18-19)

From Michele: “Thank you to all making our holiday donation drive a success! There will be smiling faces in your name this season. Head out to the Treehouse this weekend for a slice of cherry swirl shortcake and a hot Caramel Apple Cider. Have a blessed holiday and I’ll see all of you procrastinators […]

Seattle Musical Theatre Presents Don Giovanni: A New Musical

Seattle Musical Theatre announces inaugural SecondSeason with the production of Don Giovanni: A New Musical by young and brilliant Seattle [and even more local, Maple Leaf as I understand it] native Jesse Smith.

Seattle Musical Theatre, for the first time in their 33 year history, premiers an original work, giving a unique opportunity to a […]

Northgate Art Installation

There’s a art installation proposed in Northgate which they’re taking comments on. The comments are actually for the Environment Impact for the Environmental Review but it still seemed like good info to have. Oh, and they’ve said that it has “no significant adverse environmental impacts, temporary or permanent, as a result of the project” which […]

Want a Better Transit System? Tell SDOT What You’d Like to See!

Getting around Seattle can be tricky—everyone has waited for a delayed bus in the rain, driven to work to save time, or needed room for just one more bike on the train. Maybe you wish the bus stopped closer to your house or was easier to get to on foot or by bike. We know […]

*Pinehurst Residential Burglary Report: November 2010

We’ve had another good month! Please remember to report burglaries to the police so they have a good idea of what’s happening in our neighborhood.

If you have any questions on crime prevention, or if you would like to form a block watch, please contact Diane Horswill ( or 206-684-7711) at the North Precinct.

11/08 […]

This Week’s Art at Pinehurst Pocket Park is by Liam

Liam S., a first grader at Sacajawea Elementary, drew the festive holiday picture that’s in the Pinehurst Pocket Park kiosk this week.

A big thanks to Liam for sharing! Come see the art in the park at NE 117th & 19th Ave NE.