Victory Heights Yard Sale on June 15th

Last year the yard sale was on one street, but this year it will be in front of the sellers’ homes. A map of the participants will be at on June 15, and posted at Victory Heights Playground at 1747 NE 106th St.


Emergency Hub Drill June 1st

We have several emergency hubs near Pinehurst. One is in the Fred Meyer parking lot. Another is at the Victory Heights Playground south of Northgate Way. Find the one nearest you at


Victory Heights Egg Hunt April 21

Join our neighbors to the south in a fun event! Victory Heights Playground is at 1737 NE 106th St.

Victory Heights Seed Swap

Urban Survival Skills

Check out the upcoming “Urban Survival Skills” fair – fun and informative! Sunday, Sep 30, 10am to 2pm Near the Victory Heights park (NE 106th St between 17th and 19th Ave NE)

September is National Preparedness Month.

Earthquake Drill Practice September 15

Everyone is welcome to participate in Victory Heights HUB’s earthquake drill. See the poster below for details.


Day 3 after a medium-sized earthquake (magnitude 5.0) lasting 25 seconds.


Move those papers around and actually match resources and needs Brainstorm how to shut the Hub down for the night Continue to educate the community […]

JokumFest 2018 is August 18th

Saturday, August 18th is the 16th Annual JokumFest music festival. It is held in Gary Schudie‚Äôs back yard on the south side of Northgate Way at 2021 NE Northgate Way, 3-10 PM. Complementary beverages and main dish are provided. Please bring a side dish to share. It’s very mellow and the music is great!


Victory Heights Potluck & Ice Cream Social July 17

Victory Height’s sixth annual potluck and ice cream social

Tuesday, July 17th 6-8 pm

NE 106th St, just west of the Victory Heights Park


Bring a chair and a dish to share!

* Plates, silverware, drinks, and ice cream provided

For more information check the Victory […]

Victory Heights Playground Reopening

Check out the renovated Victory Heights Playground at 1737 NE 106th St:

Earthquake Drill July 29