The new tenements?

Pinehurst resident, former Seattle City Councilmember and potential candidate for Seattle Mayor, Peter Steinbrueck calls this photo: “the new tenements.” He posted this photo to Facebook (can you tell the location?) and commented on the need for new rules guiding development in Seattle’s L zones. In his Facebook posting, he expressed his concern regarding […]

Smarter Neighbors – CORA townhouse rezoning recap

Greg at Smarter Neighbors has a summary of a presentation that David Neiman of CORA Northwest made to Wedgwood Community Council last week. David Neiman will also be presenting on the same topic at our Monday, January 26th Pinehurst Community Meeting.

Kohary Property at NE Corner of NE 125th and Roosevelt Way NE Sold

Michael R Nelson/Nelson Development LLC recently purchased the Kohary property at the NE corner of NE 125th and Roosevelt Way NE for $1,165,675. This is over $800,000 less than Kohary paid for it (he paid $2 million) in March 2007. I can’t tell if this is a loss sale – or if is just Kohary […]

Kohary Project Mothballed

The Kohary project at NE 125th and Roosevelt Way NE appears to have been mothballed – for now. Kohary filed stop work applications on 9/11/08. I will update the blog with additional information as it is available.

Cottages in Ballard – Good design

I was in Ballard yesterday and noticed this cottage housing development. It is still in the building phase, but it looks great. This is a demonstration project to show what cottage housing can look like. Cottage housing is still not normally allowed in Seattle. That may change, however. I would support cottage housing in […]

Miklos Kohary in the news again

Greg Nickels announced proposed changes today that would require all new townhouse projects to go through design review. His proposal is in response to the enormous outcry from Seattle residents over the blight of ugly townhouses. Read more in the Seattle Times, PI and the SLOG.

In Sharon Chan’s Seattle Times article, she has […]

Townhouse Discussion Follow-up

There are two very good reports on Seattle City Councilmember Sally Clark’s June 7th public meeting on townhouse design. See Smarter Neighbors or the West Seattle Blog. (At Smarter Neighbors, you can even see a photo of the infamous and normally elusive Brittani Ard – the woman responsible for a great majority of the micropermitting […]

Do you have an opinion about townhouses?

Seattle City Council is taking up the issue of townhouse design. They have heard feedback from about every neighborhood in Seattle and from developers. It is likely that a lot will change as the result of a dialogue that is starting at the City Council level. This is your chance to be involved if you […]

Seattle Times Townhouse/Micropermitting Article

Sharon Chan gives some more perspective and updates regaring the townhouse and micropermitting issue.

Kohary is taking another step forward on the 125th and Roosevelt project

Kohary has started to apply to subdivide the property at 125th and Roosevelt into 24 townhouse lots. They are still leasing units in the apartment buildings on the site, but Kohary has submitted paperwork for the tenant relocation program and new tenants apparently have to sign leases agreeing that they will move out on 90-day […]