Update on Safety Improvement Work in Pinehurst

A few weeks ago, Pinehurst Community Council invited Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to have a table at the upcoming Pinehurstfest so they can share their progress on the safety improvement work with the Pinehurst neighbours.

We just received a reply from SDOT. Brian Dougherty, in charge of Pedestrian and Neighbourhood Projects, regretfully turned down […]

Road Rules – Turning Left into Which Lane?

Is it legal to turn into the outside curb lane when you turn left onto a four lane road?

A) Yes, it’s legal if you can clearly see that the outside lane is open and no one else is merging into it;

B) Yes, it’s legal as long as you’re turning onto a one-way street.


SPD Micro Community Policing Plans Report

SPD tunes its policing plan by precinct and neighborhood because it knows no two neighborhoods in Seattle are the same. The Micro Community Policing Plans (MCPP) were designed to address the needs of each community. The plans take a three prong approach that brings community engagement, crime data and police services together to get direct […]

Medicine Return Locations

King County now has a safe and convenient way to dispose of unwanted medicines.

We can safely dispose of the medicines we no longer need by taking them to a drop-box located throughout King County. This is part of a current effort to decrease the risk of drug abuse, overdose, and preventable poisonings.

Participating […]

Cedar Park Safe Routes to School Meeting

By Monica Sweet

Coming soon to the Cedar Park neighborhood:

New crosswalks, signals, traffic calming, better sidewalks, and easier ways to get around your neighborhood!

We warmly invite you to look at the proposed safety improvements at a meeting 6pm to 8pm on Thursday, January 26 at:

Cedar Park Elementary School 13224 37th Ave NE […]

Interested in What Seattle is Doing to Prepare For Climate Change?

The City of Seattle has released a draft plan that will tell you more than you would ever want to know about how it is preparing for the impacts of climate change. It is a pretty high level document that lays out a range of strategies for how it will prioritize actions and investments […]

Door-to-Door Sellers

Here is information about door-to-door sellers from Seattle Police Department. It was handed out at the North Precinct Advisory Council meeting.

Residential (Door-to-Door) Sellers

The person at your door may not be who they claim to be

Seattle officials would like to advise homeowners to take precautions when dealing with door-to-door salespeople. Although most of […]

Halloween Safety Tips from SPD



The Seattle Police Department encourages safety and supervision during the annual Trick-or-Treat season. It is especially important for parents to adhere to a few safety rules for their children when they are trick-or-treating.

Know your treaters’ route Take a flashlight Be sure costumes, shoes, […]

Dispose of Unneeded/Expired Drugs October 22nd

The Right Way To Get Out of the Way for Emergency Vehicles

Here’s some info to remember, to help make our streets safe for emergency vehicles (from the Pemco Insurance newsletter):




Whoooop! Whoooop! Whoooop! An emergency vehicle is approaching fast. Sure, you know to pull to the right shoulder and stop when you’re on a two-lane road. But would you know the right way […]