Safe Streets – Some New Rules in 2020

Starting January 1, there are some new laws for street safety. I’ll summarize most here, but go to (who I am plagiarizing liberally) to read in its entirety. Hopefully these will make Pinehurst streets safer. –Pedestrians: Current law is updated to clarify that a person walking on a roadway without a sidewalk or shoulder […]

Street Crossing Laws

Here is information from a Seattle Police Department brochure titled ‘Pedestrian Safety Program’.

The laws that govern what is legal/illegal as they pertain to crossing the street are governed by the Seattle Municipal Code. These are non-criminal infractions that begin with a $46 fine and go up from there. The following are the most common […]

Take Back Prescription Drugs April 27

Saturday April 27 is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. North Precinct, at 10049 College Way N., is accepting drugs from 10 am – 2 pm.

Tips for Safely Using Ride Services

In light of the recent rape of a Seattle woman by a man pretending to be her Uber ride, SPD is offering these tips. One action not mentioned is to ask the driver what your name is before you get in the car.

New CPT Officer Ryan Beck

Our SPD Community Police Team Officer Bryan Kennedy has transitioned to another team. Our new CPT Officer is Ryan Beck, who can be reached at or 206-233-3734.

The mission of the Community Police Team is to closely interact with the community to resolve neighborhood problems and concerns through the use of traditional and non-traditional […]

2018 Seattle Public Safety Survey

This year’s public safety survey, administered by Seattle University, is available here.

The survey began in 2015 as part of an evaluation of the Seattle Police Department’s neighborhood-specific policing plans.

Last year, about 6,500 people responded to questions about their fear of crime, confidence in Seattle police, whether officers treated people fairly, whether there are […]

Bicycle Theft Prevention Bulletin From SPD

Halloween Safety Tips From SPD

SPU Sharps (Used Needle) Collection

Seattle Public Utilities’ Sharps Collection Pilot Program provides safe disposal of “sharps” (needles, syringes, and lancets) from public property. Since the program began in August 2016, SPU inspectors have collected more than 10,000 sharps in the public right of way, and more than 100,000 needles have been disposed of in the City’s drop-off boxes since […]

Advocacy for SPD North Precinct Budget

City Council and the Mayor are starting up the next city budget cycle. This is a good time to get involved and tell them what you want city priorities to be. It’s our civic duty to be involved. Strong citizens result in strong leaders – if we don’t exert our civic muscles, in the vacuum […]