Hands On! A Community Skills Fair, February 12th

What happened to the practical know-how our grandparents had? In our modern industrial age, cheap energy, factory automation and transnational economics have allowed us to out-source almost every aspect of our lives, including how we feed, clothe, and entertain ourselves. But a new wave is sweeping the country. People are recognizing the joy, satisfaction […]

Upcoming Jane Addams K-8 Open Houses

From a Pinehurst Blog Reader:

Jane Addams K-8 School invites you to join us to learn more about this NE Seattle Option School.

Jane Addams K-8 is an exciting new school with an emphasis on environmental science. Along with rigorous academics, the school offers an integrated Spectrum program for advanced learners, bilingual services for English […]

The Drowsy Chaperone at Seattle Musical Theatre

We’ve got another show with at least a couple Pinehurst connections coming up at Seattle Musical Theatre. The Stage Manager, Bradley Stieger and the Sound Engineer, Caleb Dietzel both live in Pinehurst. I’ve been excited about this one since I heard it was coming to Seattle Musical Theatre since I missed it on my trip […]

This Week’s Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

This week our thanks goes to Sacajawea first grader Euan for loaning us his beautiful drawing. It’s on display in the Pinehurst Pocket Park kiosk at NE 117th and 19th Ave NE. Take a stroll over there to see it up close and personal!

Volunteer Event: North Acres Park

I got passed the following local volunteer opportunity which looked like lots of fun:

Date & Time

Saturday, March 26, 2011 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Sign up for this […]

latest from the Pinehurst Playfield Shelter

Remodel is nearing completion and it is looking great. It will be like having a brand new up to date building! Here is a photo looking up at the new lights and windows and a construction shot out front. We should be able to have a grand opening party this spring. The building will be […]

Name the parks along Thornton Creek

Seattle Parks and Recreation invites the public to submit potential names for four separate areas of park land in the Thornton Creek watershed. Here’s the press release. Suggestions are due by 3/3/2011.

The parks to be named are:

Park #1: This park site is adjacent to the Jackson Park Golf course to the west. It […]

This Week’s Art at Pinehurst Pocket Park

This week Jama, a fifth grader, is our artist. The kids at Sacajawea are learning how to use circles, rectangles and triangles to define the basic form of the animals they’re drawing. Next they draw the outline around the shapes, erase the shapes, and finish with shading. The result is very advanced looking work. Thank […]

What To Do About Graffiti

What can you do if you spot some new graffiti/tagging in the neighborhood? Thanks to the Ravenna Neighborhood blog (, here is some information, which I copy verbatim from Rebecca’s post:

If the graffiti is on public property, you can call the Graffiti Report Line at (206) 684-7587. Additionally, Seattle Public Utilities has an online […]

Take the Seattle Happiness Survey

This is a project of the Seattle Area Happiness Initiative and Sustainable Seattle, with Take Back Your Time and the Compassionate Action Network

Want to help Seattle develop an index of our collective happiness? An on-line survey offers you an enjoyable way to learn just how well you are doing in the nine domains of […]