Do We Have Mean World Syndrome?

There’s an interesting article in Seattle Times about perception of crime compared to rate of crime in Seattle’s neighborhoods. I remember taking that survey. The article is here.

The author analyzed results from Seattle University Department of Justice’s annual survey on perceptions of crime in Seattle. For SPD policing planning, Pinehurst fits into two different […]

North Precinct Crime Statistics – May 2018

I stopped posting the monthly Pinehurst crime map a while back because the city’s website changed in a way that didn’t let me collect the data. I heard that soon-ish there will be a way to collect data by SPD beat by some date span, maybe quarter, but I can’t remember if it’s also by […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for June 2018

This month we had two guest speakers. First up was City Council Person Mike O’Brien, representing the north end’s District 6. He discussed two programs: Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) that is being expanded from its pilot neighborhoods, hopefully soon into the North Precinct, and the Community Service Officer program that is ramping up to […]

Micro-Policing Plan Focus Groups

If you live west of 15th NE in Pinehurst, you’re in the Northgate Micro-Community Policing Plan area.

Consider going to the Northgate MCPP focus group on Friday, May 25, 4:30 – 5:30 pm at Northgate Library to express your perceptions of crime in the area, as well as the performance of the SPD.

Here’s more […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for May 2018

This month the guest speaker at NPAC was Sgt Richard Welch, head of the North Precinct’s Burglary/Theft Investigation Team. All the minutes are here, but I want to emphasize what Sgt Welch told us about how the unit works. I think it will explain why many who make burglary reports are so frustrated and think […]

Bicycle Theft Prevention

Lots of bikes are being stolen around Seattle these days as the weather gets better. We’ve been seeing numerous posts on our Pinehurst Seattle Facebook page about stolen and abandoned bikes. At this month’s North Precinct Advisory Council, the Community Police Team passed out a bicycle theft prevention bulletin. See below.

The sergeant mentioned that […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for April 2018

This month’s guest speaker canceled unexpectedly.

The North Precinct picnic will be Saturday, August 18. Mark your calendars!

The National Night Out block parties for public safety will be Tuesday, August 7. Mark your calendars for this one, too! You can apply for a Small Sparks grant to pay for part of your event, usually […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for March 2018

This month’s guest speaker was SPD Chief Carmen Best, who’s interim chief until a new one is hired. She’s been with the force for 26 years. She laid out her priorities:

– Reduce crime and disorder – Excellent service, doing work the community expects and wants – Work with honor and professionalism, and to feel […]

SPD Crime Dashboard

Seattle Police Department has some charts and graphs about crime on its crime dashboard. You may be interested in browsing the data. The top page is here: You can choose the year, precinct, neighborhood, crime, etc.

On the left side of that page are links to several specific sets of data, such as use-of-force, […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for February 2018

This month’s guest speaker was our North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator, Mary Amberg. She’s the go-to person to help you set up a block watch, to do a security assessment of your residence, to talk to if you are unhappy with the way your 911 call went, etc. She gave many good tips for helping […]