TCA Meeting on Natural Drainage Systems

Come and learn all about Natural Drainage Systems with Luis Ramirez of Seattle Public Utilities. These projects collect street runoff in swales for biofiltration into the ground, and already exist in parts of Pinehurst and other locations in Seattle.

Thursday, October 19

Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, 10005 32nd Ave. NE

Social time: 6:30 pm

Meeting […]

Thornton Creek Alliance Meeting – Witness Tree

We live in the Thornton Creek watershed. The watershed covers roughly 11.6 square miles in northeast Seattle and Shoreline. Over 90% of the creek’s main channel, more than 15 miles, flows above ground through more than 700 backyards and through 15 parks and natural areas.

Thornton Creek Alliance (TCA) is an all-volunteer grassroots, nonprofit organization […]

Thornton Creek Alliance Meeting Oct 27, 2016

Influence of the Confluence

Free Trees for Neighborhoods Available

Through the City of Seattle’s Trees for Neighborhoods project, Seattle residents can apply for up to 4 free trees for our yard or planting strip. Participants receive trees, water bags, mulch, and planting and care instruction. While many of this year’s smaller ornamentals have sold out, there are still a number of larger conifers available, […]

Welcome to Subirdia – TCA meeting January 22

Merlin Study in Pinehurst

Our good old nesting pair of Merlins is back again this year. Thor and Spike have set up housekeeping in a well hidden abandoned crow’s nest, and the chicks are hatched.

This year there’s a Merlin banding project, so you may soon see a couple people setting up to do this, especially in the morning.


Thornton Creek Alliance Meeting March 27

Thornton Creek Alliance Meeting Thursday, January 30th

Here’s a meeting announcement from the Thornton Creek Alliance.

Thornton Creek Renovation Projects AT A PARK NEAR YOU!!!

Learn about important renovation projects, planting details, community benefits, and how you and your family can volunteer to get your hands dirty.

Presentations include –

• Jason Sharpley, Project Manager, Thornton Creek Confluence Project • Rick […]

Free Trees to Plant in Your Yard

One of Seattle’s goals is to increase the city’s tree canopy. Trees make our streets friendly to walk and bike. They soak up rainwater, keeping our streams, lakes and Puget Sound clean. Trees melt away stress and help us recover from illness. They calm traffic, and help avoid accidents. Trees clean our air, making […]