Lake City Mobility Fair – Saturday, May 12

Join Seattle Department of Transportation, North Helpline, Literacy Source and Lake City Future First on May 12 to learn about low cost ways to get around Seattle.

At the fair, you can:

Sign up for ORCA LIFT Learn about the Regional Reduced Fair Program for seniors and people with disabilities Check out new mobility options […]

Changes to the Light Rail NE 145th Street Station

With final design of the Lynnwood Link Extension underway, Sound Transit has been working with project partners to make modifications and improvements to early station site plans for the station at NE 145th St. As a result of on-going coordination and discussions with King County Metro Transit, WSDOT and the City of Shoreline, the reconfigured […]

Pinehurst Metro Changes Meeting This Thursday

Thursday, September 24th at 6:30pm Pinehurst Playfield 12029 14th Ave NE, Seattle WA 98125

There are a lot of changes coming this Saturday as Metro expands service. But thanks to some discussions in the community recently we’re having Metro come talk about some changes planned further in the future.

We’ll be looking at […]

130th Light Rail Station Community Conversation

Save the Date – Metro Meeting (The 73 is Changing!)

Thanks to the passionate response on a recent Facebook conversation we’ve arranged for Metro to come to the neighborhood to talk through the proposed bus changes as Link Light Rail opens next year. Many in the neighborhood are especially concerned about the changes proposed for the 73. We gave a LOT of feedback earlier and […]

Pinehurst Bus Changes Starting June 6th

Remember to check out the new schedules starting June 6th as there are quite a few changes across the system. Around here most of those changes are in the 73 and 41.

Route 41

On weekday evenings, seven southbound trips to downtown Seattle and seven northbound trips to Lake City will be added.

On […]

Northgate Link Extension – Drop-In Meetings

There will be three drop-in meetings about the light rail being built between the University District and Northgate. Staff will be there to answer questions, but there is no formal presentation. See more info below:

Seattle Light Rail Review Panel letter on NE 130th St

The Seattle Light Rail Review Panel wrote a letter to the Sound Transit board in support of NE 130th St with some details on why this station would be so valuable to the nearby neighborhoods. The full letter is available here. I’ve included some it below but I urge you to read the full thing […]

Pinehurst Bus Suggestions for 2016 Re-Alignment

A Pinehurst neighbor, Ross B, also wrote an article on Seattle Transit Blog about suggestions for the Pinehurst bus route changes coming soon. Metro is proposing re-alignments when Link opens at the UW Stadium in 2016. While many of us are very supportive of creating frequent grid-based bus systems that makes use of the investments […]

Bus Routes After Lynnwood Link / 130th St Station

A Pinehurst neighbor, Ross B, wrote an article on Seattle Transit Blog about some possible bus routes for when we get a NE 130th St Light Rail Station. This would hopefully be opening at the same time as Lynnwood Link (2023) and would help create better connections to the whole Link system as well as […]