Licton Springs K-8 Tours and Open House

We also got info on the Licton Springs K-8 tour from John Chapman of the Licton Springs K-8 Site Council. They’re a bit outside Pinehurst but they’re just over I-5 in Licton Springs and they used to be Pinehurst K-8 / Alternative School #1 here in the heart of Pinehurst.

Licton Springs K-8, a […]

Hazel Wolf K-8 Tour

And another post on a local school! This is from a local parent to a kindergartner there. Heads up that this tour is at the interim location (see below) but the new building on Pinehurst Way will be done this fall!

[EDIT: Updated the zip code. It’s 98115, not 98125. Sorry about that.]

Prospective parents […]

Pinehurst School Traffic Safety Meetings!

There has been a lot of talk about the new school being constructed on the site of the current Pinehurst school. People have had a lot of ideas for improvements that need to be made in the area and this is a good opportunity to share you ideas on how to make our neighborhood a […]

Pinehurst School Variance Meeting on March 13

The Seattle School District is requesting a waiver (departure) from some City zoning regulations for the construction of a new Jane Addams K-8 @ Pinehurst. The District plans to demolish the existing school and construct a new Kindergarten thru 8th grade school including gym/commons, library, administrative offices, classrooms and other learning areas at 11530 12th […]

Jane Addams Pinehurst Meeting

Save The Date: October 10th, 2013 Jane Addams Pinehurst Meeting

So we just posted about the community meetings coming up on the Pinehurst/AS-1 K-8 program but I also wanted to make sure everybody knew about another upcoming Pinehurst Community Council meeting on the Jane Addams project.

There was a meeting at Jane Addams a while […]

Pinehurst K8 School Changes


As you are probably aware, changes are coming. Pinehurst K8 is slated to be torn down and a new building is planned for the site. A design team has made design recommendations and presented them in July. Information about the new construction is here.

The Pinehurst/AS-1 K-8 program is being displaced, and most-likely closed, […]

Pinehurst K-8 School Considered By Landmarks Preservation Board

I thought this was probably of interest to people. There’s still a lot of time to comment but since the meeting is in the middle of the day I thought people might need more notice if they want to try to attend. I’ve included a copy of the attached invitation as well.

The Landmarks Preservation […]

Vandalism at Pinehurst Elementary

The Seattle Times is reporting that vandals “overturned and broke new planters and marked new murals and classroom doors with 30 to 40 graffiti tags”. The damage was done late Friday 6/10 or early Saturday 6/11. Anyone with information on the incident is being asked to contact Seattle Police.

Local School Open Houses

Here are a couple open houses that I got sent which are both happening soon…

Alternative School #1 – Thursday, January 28th 6:30-8:30: Classrooms open for visiting and chatting with teachers. Kid ambassadors will be available to guide your tour and answer questions from a student point of view.

6:45 & 7:45: Short presentation about […]

AS #1 Teacher, Carmen DiDomenico, Named a 2009 Symetra Hero in the Classroom

Thank you to Sarah, a Pinehurst neighbor and AS #1 parent, for sharing this! It was originally posted on AS #1 website.Congratulations to our PE teacher, Carmen, who was selected as a Symetra Hero in the Classroom! This program, which is sponsored by Bellevue-based Symetra Financial and the Seattle Seahawks, selects 24 out of the […]