Pinehurst Bumper Stickers

Just a reminder that in addition to Pinehurst T-shirts (5 remaining men’s large at $10, email, you may buy Pinehurst bumper stickers through Cafe Press. See our old post for links.

Pinehurst bumper stickers

Remember the Pinehurst bumper stickers:

I still have a few left. If you e-mail me with your address, I will send them out (free) until they are gone. After that, you can still order them at the links shown here.


Pinehurst Bumper Stickers!

Thanks to Karla for designing these swank Pinehurst bumper stickers. You can order your own bumper stickers at the links below – or we will also have some available at the January 26th Pinehurst Community Meeting.

Order your own “Imagine Pinehurst” bumper sticker here. Order your own “Pinehurst: more north than Northgate” bumper sticker here. […]

Poll Results: If there was a bumper sticker (or T-shirt) for Pinehurst, what would it say?

Imagine Pinehurst 8 (33%) Another Treehugger From Pinehurst 4 (16%) Pinehurst: LEEDrs 0 (0%)

Feet First in Pinehurst 0 (0%)

Loving Living in Pinehurst 0 (0%)

Pinehurst First! 1 (4%) Exactly Where is Pinehurst? 4 (16%) Pinehurst – More North Than Northgate 6 (25%) Pinehurst – Between Lake City and Northgate […]

Bumper Stickers

A few folks have been discussing neighborhood branding. What is our image as a neighborhood? If we made bumper stickers, what would they say?

Remember the “Visualize Ballard” stickers from the 90’s? Or, the “Maple Leaf 4 Life” stickers that they give away at Cloud City Coffee?

Here is a call – if we […]