New Poll: What should we call the Pinehurst summer event?

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Pinehurst Summer Get TogetherPinehurst Summer FestPinehurst PicnicPinehurst Public PicnicPinehurst Neighborhood Community PicnicPinehurstfest 2009Ice cream social

The poll closes at 10 PM on Thursday, December 18th.

Lake City School – Minutes from 11/17/08 Meeting

Greater Lake City Community Council

7:00 pm at Lake City Professional Center

Old Lake City School Professional Center Redevelopment


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Kohary Property at NE Corner of NE 125th and Roosevelt Way NE Sold

Michael R Nelson/Nelson Development LLC recently purchased the Kohary property at the NE corner of NE 125th and Roosevelt Way NE for $1,165,675. This is over $800,000 less than Kohary paid for it (he paid $2 million) in March 2007. I can’t tell if this is a loss sale – or if is just Kohary […]

Northgate Stakeholders Group Meeting Minutes – Northgate Urban Design Framework

Minutes from the November 18th Northgate Stakeholders Group Meeting on the proposed Northgate Urban Design Framework are available here.

School Closure Update

The official list of proposed school closures will be posted at the Seattle Public Schools website at 6 PM today. Until then, Jonah Spangenthal-Lee has the best inside information on what may be proposed. He has heard that Pinehurst’s AS#1 would be closed. Read more here.

Pinehurst Safeway Moving Forward

Safeway submitted their application for rezone with the Seattle Department of Planning and Development. The description on the DPD website is: Council Action to contract rezone a 24,300 sq.ft. portion of land (three parcels at SE section of property) from Single Family 7200 to NC 3-40′ to allow a 50,000 sq.ft., 33.5 ft. tall building […]

Photos from Saturday’s Northgate Urban Design Framework Open House

John Lombard of Thornton Creek Alliance and Paul Fischburg, Senior Policy Advisor with the City of Seattle Office of Policy and Management

Pinehurst neighbors Sylvia Scott, her son Porter, and Stephen Debois

Mark Troxel from Department of Planning and Development and our translators Mohamed Khalif (Somali), Zubeda Adem (Tigrinya), Abdu Issa (Amharic)

Stephen Antupit and […]

Party @ Display and Costume

My seven-year-old daughter and I went to Party @ Display and Costume yesterday to buy a birthday gift for her friend, Tait. Tait loves Dachshunds and there is a Webkinz Dachshund that we were looking for. Party @ Display and Costume has one of the best collections of Webkinz in North Seattle. This is important […]

iPhone 2.2 – Pedestrian and Transit Rider Friendly

I have become one of those iPhone users I used to hate. I can’t believe how I got through life before this. The new 2.2 update is available for download today. I walk and bus as much as possible. Given that, I can’t wait to try out these three new functions:

Google Street View […]

Live On-line Seattle Police and Fire Scanner

Here.Thanks for the tip, Joe.