Earthquake Drill Practice September 15

Everyone is welcome to participate in Victory Heights HUB’s earthquake drill. See the poster below for details.


Day 3 after a medium-sized earthquake (magnitude 5.0) lasting 25 seconds.


Move those papers around and actually match resources and needs Brainstorm how to shut the Hub down for the night Continue to educate the community […]

Advocacy for SPD North Precinct Budget

City Council and the Mayor are starting up the next city budget cycle. This is a good time to get involved and tell them what you want city priorities to be. It’s our civic duty to be involved. Strong citizens result in strong leaders – if we don’t exert our civic muscles, in the vacuum […]

Rules for Stopping for the School Bus

School buses will soon roll out across Seattle. Here’s a review of what to do when their red lights flash.

RULE 1 – When you’re behind the bus Always stop, regardless of the number of lanes. Never try to pass on the right, since that’s where kids are loading and unloading.

RULE 2 – When […]

District 5 Community Budget Forum

Mark your calendars. District 5 Community Network (D5CN) is hosting another community forum, this time focusing on the city’s budget process. D5 Councilmember Debora Juarez and City Budget Director Ben Noble will be the featured speakers.

The objective of this budget forum is to help the neighours understand the details of the city budget process, […]

New Painted Intersection on NE 115th St at 9th Ave NE

Today friends and neighbors gathered at NE 115th St & 9th Ave NE to paint an intersection mural. A boy applied for a Find It, Fix It Grant for the mural and it has come to fruition! There was food and paint and fun and only moderately unhealthy air quality from the wildfires.

Painted intersections […]

Pinehurst Picks

They grow ’em big in these here parts! Anyone know where this is?

Talk to Your City Leaders

The other night I watched an episode of Eric Liu’s excellent show, ‘Citizen University TV’. Eric spoke about how to make yourself heard in government. The next day I was leafing through Seattle Neighborhoods’ pamphlet, ‘Get Informed, Get Engaged, Get Organized’ and came across the same suggestions Eric made. We complain about what the city […]

Lake City Customer Service Center

You can go to the Lake City Customer Service Center to get information, file documentation and pay bills right in the neighborhood. It’s in the Lake City Library building, at 12525 28th Ave NE, 2nd floor. 206-684-7526. And it’s now open on Saturdays.

There, you can apply for a passport, pay for utility bills, pet […]

Pinehurst Neighborhood Snapshot

Department of Neighborhoods has made snapshots of Seattle neighborhoods. Pinehurst is included in the Northgate snapshot. You can see statistics about Northgate and how it compares to city-wide statistics. You can also see a compilation of neighborhood concerns. Check it out here:

Here is a snippet of part of the page:


World Dance Party – Little Brook