Safe Walks – North District – Pinehurst Projects

Here are all of the North District (including Pinehurst) projects that we are advocating for as part of the Safe Walks North District efforts. (We updated the link and data on 6/1/08.)

Also, we have set up a Google Group for Safe Walks at

Commuter Toolkit

What is this all about?

Find out more here. (You can play a little find Waldo – I am in two of the above photos and my car is in another. Also, Greg Nickels is sitting next to Ron Sims in one of the photos.) […]

An Announcement from Seattle Climate Action Now: Give Your Car the Summer Off

Transportation is one of the city’s biggest sources of climate pollution, and with summer around the corner and gas prices climbing, there’s no better time to leave the car by the curb and choose a better way to go.

Everyone can do something – whether it’s selling your car or just cutting a few […]

Seattle Walks Survey

As a part of the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, the Seattle Department of Transportation has launched a web version of the Walking Preference Survey. Information provided in the survey will be used to inform the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, and will ultimately make Seattle the “most walkable city in the nation”.

To take the web […]

6/2 Pinehurst Planning and Development Group Meeting


Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin King County Councilmember Bob Ferguson Liz Gotterer and Gary Prince, Metro King County to discuss Route 41, Northgate Park and Ride changes and other topics of interest to the Pinehurst community Cascade Bicycle Club We will also have updates on: Jackson Park Trail, sidewalks/crosswalks, Safeway, safety issues, Gibraltar […]

Northgate Rezone Draft EIS Comments (my personal comments)

Here are the comments that I made at the Northgate Rezone Draft EIS Public Hearing tonight.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to all of our comments and for answering our questions. y name is Renee and I live in the Pinehurst neighborhood. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to […]

Do you have an opinion about townhouses?

Seattle City Council is taking up the issue of townhouse design. They have heard feedback from about every neighborhood in Seattle and from developers. It is likely that a lot will change as the result of a dialogue that is starting at the City Council level. This is your chance to be involved if you […]

Safe Walks – North District at the Council Budget Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the City Budget Meeting last night and who stood up for safe sidewalks and crosswalks in North District!

It was a strong turnout from North District folks. And, Councilmembers Jean Godden, Nick Licata, Richard Conlin and Sally Clark seemed very interested in hearing our thoughts on this issue. Nick […]

Here is the statement read to Council last night

Safe Walks – North District

Good evening. My name is Renee and I represent North District Neighborhoods of Meadowbrook, Cedar Park, Lake City, Olympic Hills, Pinehurst, Victory Heights and Maple Leaf.

Collectively our group recognized as Safe Walks North District, represents 70,000 people and 12 elementary, middle and high schools. We are coming forward because […]

Read this before you decide what you think about the Northgate Rezone proposal

Paul Krugman at the New York Times wrote a great Op-Ed piece, Stranded in Suburbia, this week. He discusses the impact on current and future high oil prices on how we live and design our cities – denser communities with good public transportation.

(thanks to Hugeasscity blog for pointing this out)