Tell Mayor McGinn to Save the Ingraham Trees

The Seattle School District is still trying to cut down about 50 of the large trees on Ingraham High School grounds for an addition. This is despite the Seattle Hearing Examiner ruling that the tree grove is an uncommon or rare plant habitat in the City of Seattle. City law says such areas should be […]

Seattle Public Schools appeals Ingraham land use decision

Today’s Seattle Land Use Information Bulletin notes that Seattle Public Schools is appealing the decision regarding conditions placed on tree removal in the plans to build new classrooms at Ingraham High School in Haller Lake. An Appeal Hearing will be held on October 14, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. Read more here.


Letter to the Seattle School Board regarding Ingraham trees

At Monday’s Pinehurst Community Meeting, we decided to send the following letter to Seattle School Board Members regarding Ingraham trees:

Letter to the Seattle School Board from the Pinehurst Community Council

Dear Sherry, Peter, Harium, Michael, Mary, Steve, Cheryl:

We discussed the issue of preserving the grove of trees on the Northwest portion of the […]

Seattle Hearing Examiner rules to protect Ingraham trees

The City of Seattle Hearing Examiner ruled today that a stand of trees at Ingraham High School is a rare plant habitat that must be protected.

Read more here.

We are scheduled to discuss this at our community meeting tonight. But, that will likely be a brief discussion in light of this news.


Poll results: Ingraham Trees

Do you support Garth Ferber’s proposal to send a letter from the Pinehurst Community Council asking the Seattle School District to leave the existing tree grove and to find other ways to increase classroom space at Ingraham High School?

Yes 34 (91%) No 3 (8%)

Votes: 37


Ingraham Trees

Note: Garth Ferber asked me to post the following letter from him. He will be discussing this issue at the next Pinehurst Community Meeting on May 4th.

Garth feels this is a time sensitive issue and it is personally important to him. Therefore, we will be discussing this instead of discussing car camping. We […]