Hands On! Skills Fair – February 8

The 10th annual Hands On! Skills Fair is an annual event that brings together the community to share and learn skills. Presented in partnership with NE Seattle Tool Library and the Meadowbrook Community Center, this Fair is called “Hands On” because it is based on actually doing skills to learn them. Folks from our neighborhoods […]

Stop the Bleed Class

“Stop The Bleed” is a national campaign with the goal of teaching bystanders to recognize, and stop, life-threatening bleeding, giving the injured person more time to get to the hospital for definitive care. This class is very well-received and, most say, easier to learn than CPR. “Stop The Bleed” can save a life… Stop […]

Emergency Hub Drill June 1st

We have several emergency hubs near Pinehurst. One is in the Fred Meyer parking lot. Another is at the Victory Heights Playground south of Northgate Way. Find the one nearest you at


SNAP – Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare

Get your neighbors together to discuss and prepare your neighborhood for a disaster.

1 – Meet and discuss emergency preparedness

Discuss and assess the current level of preparedness in your neighborhood and learn key aspects of preparedness through SNAP presentation, available online.

2 – Get organized

Delegate responsibilities among neighbors and agree upon neighborhood meeting […]

Urban Survival Skills

Check out the upcoming “Urban Survival Skills” fair – fun and informative! Sunday, Sep 30, 10am to 2pm Near the Victory Heights park (NE 106th St between 17th and 19th Ave NE)

September is National Preparedness Month.

Earthquake Drill Practice September 15

Everyone is welcome to participate in Victory Heights HUB’s earthquake drill. See the poster below for details.


Day 3 after a medium-sized earthquake (magnitude 5.0) lasting 25 seconds.


Move those papers around and actually match resources and needs Brainstorm how to shut the Hub down for the night Continue to educate the community […]

Lake City Hub Drill April 28

The Lake City Emergency Communication Hub will be participating in a City-wide field exercise, No Power, No Bars—the total and unexplained loss of our regional power grid—on Saturday April 28 from 9 am – 11:30 am. We hope you will attend this exercise. The Lake City Hub is located at the Lake City Fred Meyer […]

Alert Seattle

Something to think about subscribing to:

Disaster Preparedness – Ham Radio Classes

Help our neighborhood survive in a disaster – In the event of a major disaster when most forms of communication fail, Ham radio communication will still be working. It would be great to have more Amateur radio operators in Lake City. If you are thinking of becoming an Amateur (Ham) radio operator, the West […]

Purifying Water During Disaster Emergencies

Plan for one gallon (1 gallon = 4 quarts or ~4 liters or 128 oz or 16 eight-oz bottles) per person per day: Drink ½ gallon of water per day—more if you are in a hot climate, sick, or pregnant. Use the rest for hygiene. Only use water that has been disinfected for […]