5th Ave Trees Update

Construction is almost complete at the senior assisted living facility being constructed at 12301 5th Ave NE. The developer was previously in a bit of hot water for clearing the lot before they actually owned it and before approval to clear the trees was permitted by Seattle Department of Planning and Development. Currently, the same […]

Remember the property owner who cut down trees on 5th Ave without a permit?

They are being allowed to subdivide the rest of the parcels they own on 5th Ave.

Land Use Application to subdivide four parcels into five parcels of land. Proposed parcel sizes are: E) 6,594 sq. ft., F) 5,400 sq. ft., G) 5,400 sq. ft., H) 5,400 sq. ft.; and I) 5,403 sq. ft.

Attachments: View […]

Proposed Tree Ordinance

The City Council is proposing code amendments that provide interim controls concerning the protection and retention of trees by amending Sections 25.11.020, 25.11.030, 25.11.040, and 25.11.100 of the Seattle Municipal Code

The proposal is found under Council Bill 116404. The proposal would provide interim controls including changes to existing exemptions to the tree ordinance, further […]

5th Ave Trees Update

David & Bokhee Cooper, the owners of the parcel on the west side of 5th Ave NE just north of NE 123rd and along I-5, have applied to subdivide the parcel into five lots instead of four. These are the same owners who started cutting trees on the most southern lot without DPD approval […]

Zillow listing for 5th Ave lot just north of the recent tree clearing area

Here is your chance to save some trees in North Seattle – or at least to develop the lot in a thoughtful manner. Zillow shows a listing for 12331 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125. The asking price is a mere $250,000 (the tax value is $91,000).

This lot is located just north of […]

Update on 5th Ave Trees

Michael Oxman contacted DPD about the tree cutting on 5th Ave NE last weekend. DPD is planing to seek penalties and possible restoration for the trees removed. Here is the DPD response. Thank you to Michael for his efforts on this and for sharing the response with the community.:

Dear Mr. Oxman,

Thank you for […]

Deforestation on 5th Ave NE

A developer felled a grove of trees along 5th Ave NE near NE 123rd. The site is not pretty at all. They did not have a permit and were told to cease tree removal by the Department of Planning and Development.

Jonah Spangenthal-Lee has more in the SLOG here.