Swine (H1N1) Flu: not in Pinehurst yet (as far as I know)

My daughter was reading the news on pandemic flu last night and asked me this morning, “So, is the flu in Seattle?” I answered that it sounds like it may be. She replied, “Well, where is it? Is it in Pinehurst?” I told her I don’t think it is. She let out a sigh and […]

No more pedestrian or bicycling advocacy programs at the Seattle Department of Transportation?

The draft Pedestrian Master Plan is scheduled to be released this coming Monday, May 4th. The plan that was developed over the past two years, lays the framework for future pedestrian investment in Seattle. (Representatives from the Pedestrian Master Plan will be presenting about the Plan to the Pinehurst community on Monday , May 4th […]

Drum roll please…

Thanks to Jodi and Karla and Rebecca in Pinehurst, Shauna Walgren at Seattle Department of Transportation and North District Council – here is the design for the 125th sidewalk between 5th Ave NE and Roosevelt Way NE. The sidewalk will be built on the north side of the street and will incorporate natural drainage.

I […]

Seattle City Council candidates in orange safety vests

The Washington Bus and The Stranger hosted a meet and greet with Seattle City Council candidates last week. For those who missed the event (and that includes me), you can watch the candidates doing their pitches on the Washington Bus blog here.

The Hudson Public House @ 15th Ave NE and Lake City Way

I stopped by the new Hudson Public House at 8014 – 15th Ave. NE in the Maple Leaf/Wedgewood/Lake City neighborhoods last night. What a wonderful addition to our greater neighborhood and what a great asset to that small area of restaurants and shops. I am going back again and recommend it for others looking for […]

125th sidewalk update

From Jodi who has been working very hard to make a sidewalk along 125th between 5th Ave NE and Roosevelt Way NE a reality:

The city has been finalizing plans for a sidewalk on NE 125th Street, between 5th Ave. NE and Roosevelt NE. This sidewalk is being funded by a Neighborhood Street Fund grant, […]

Don’t mess with the San Marino

Thank you to those who helped with Saturday’s Pinehurst Pocket Park clean-up

From Garth Ferber:

About 15 people gathered to spruce up the Pinehurst Pocket Park on Saturday morning 25 April. Mother Nature cooperated by providing sunny weather and moderate temperatures. It is great how much can get done when a few people put their minds to it. We also got to meet a few new people. […]

Seattle Drum School

One of the most respected music schools in Seattle is located in our neighborhood: Seattle Drum School. Don’t be led astray by the name. They don’t teach only drums. Seattle Drum School instructors also teach guitar, bass, piano, horns and other instruments. And, the instructors are working musicians. Students at the school range from beginners […]

Landmark status for the former Lake City School building?

The Seattle Architectural Review Committee wil be reviewing the possibility of landmark status for the Lake City School building (2611 NE 125th Street) this Friday, May 1, 2009. The full meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. and the discussion regarding Lake City School is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. The meeting will be held at: […]