Pinehurst Pets – Dixon


Here’s a friendly neighborhood kitty!

If you’d like your pet featured, please send a photo and its name and a short description or story to

Pinehurst Pets – Blue

This is handsome Blue. Here’s what his person says about him: “Blue is my ten and half year old male Keeshond – we’ve been walking in Victory Heights, Pinehurst and Maple Leaf since he was a puppy. We like visiting our neighborhood parks and with friends in Pinehurst and Victory Heights.” This photo was […]

Pinehurst Pets – Axil Rose

Today (2/21) is sheltie Axil Rose’s birthday! He’s 15 years old. Happy Birthday, handsome!

His person says, “Axil is our family dog and my best friend. When We rescued him at age 2.5 he had no training or manners whatsoever. It took us approximately 18 months to retrain everything. He is a very good […]

Pinehurst Pets – Julien

Have you ever tried to photograph a black cat? It’s really hard. Have you ever tried to DRAW a black cat? It’s nearly impossible (well, a real artist could do it probably). So here’s Julien, a black Pinehurst cat who’s hard to photograph, not just because he’s black, but in this case because he […]

Pinehurst Pets – Avery

  When I saw Avery today she asked when she was going to be the featured Pinehurst Pet. I reminded her that her human promised to write something about her, and that I was still waiting for it. We agreed that four months was long enough to wait, so we would take things into our […]

Pinehurst Pets – Edgar

Edgar is a sweet 8 year old boy. He loves playing ball, hiking, and hanging out with friends at his doggie daycare. Even though he is a big boy, he loves sitting on the laps of his favorite people.

If you’d like your pet featured, please send a photo and its name and […]

Pinehurst Pets – Nova

Don’t let her cuteness fool you, Nova is one feisty pooch. She was a stray and spent 9 months in the shelter. Her person got her in February and feels so lucky. She is fear-reactive towards strangers and dogs sometimes but they’re working on it slowly. At home she is such a clown and […]

Pinehurst Pets – Cheeks

Here is handsome Cheeks’ story, told by one of his people: “We adopted Cheeks in March from the Humane Society. He was originally called Mr. Cheeks but I thought Cheeks sounded more gangster. They found him at 4 years old on the mean streets of Tacoma. He’s 14 lbs of fluffy love. He loves […]

Pinehurst Pets – Minou

Minou (pronounced me-new) was inherited from a friend who was French, and his current owners were told that his name is a French term of endearment meaning “little one.” He is anything but little! Minou is a big, friendly kitty who is also very sociable. He enjoys looking out over all the goings-on in […]

Pinehurst Pets

Does anyone know if this turtle was found and placed in the pool as requested?

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