A Little Pinehurst History

The following historical information is from the Landmark Preservation application for Pinehurst K-8 School cited in the previous post. The map at left is too small to be useful (but you can click on), but what’s interesting is that Lk Washington was called Lake Dwamish at the time.

“Early settlers in the area included the […]

Pinehurst K-8 School Considered By Landmarks Preservation Board

I thought this was probably of interest to people. There’s still a lot of time to comment but since the meeting is in the middle of the day I thought people might need more notice if they want to try to attend. I’ve included a copy of the attached invitation as well.

The Landmarks Preservation […]

Vehicular Safety Tips from SPD

At the last North Precinct Advisory Council meeting the Captain handed out a sheet on driver awareness. Here are some of the tips:

– Pedestrians have the right of way at ALL intersections whether in a marked crosswalk or not. Stop for pedestrians at all crosswalks. On a 2 lane road do not begin to […]

Crime Prevention Meeting March 13, 7 pm

There has been an uptick in burglaries in Pinehurst since the beginning of the year. Someone tried to break down my door twice last week. Luckily, it held both times, but I had to make repairs and replace locks. A neighbor wasn’t so lucky – he returned to a breached door, money stolen and a […]

Yield to Pedestrians at 5th and Northgate

I’m happy to say that SDOT will be installing “yield to pedestrian” signs at the intersection of 5th Ave NE and NE Northgate Way soon!

After seeing a few close calls at the recently redesigned intersection, I sent an email to the project manager and got this response: “Eric, I’m pleased to report that […]

NE 125th St Repaving

I’ve heard a lot about potholes along NE 125th, expecially since the lane change. Well, it sounds like they’ll all be fixed at once soon. They’re repaving the whole street! See the project link up above for more details. They’re also looking to come out and talk to communities if people are interested in […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes – February 2013

This month’s guest speaker was Sgt. Sean Whitcomb from the SPD Public Affairs Unit. He demonstrated online sites for police information, including:

– Main page: – Blotter: – My Neighborhood CrimeMap: – Tweet By Beat:

– Facebook:

See minutes on that topic and other public safety news from the North […]

Local Option School Tours

Two local option schools put together some information on their programs and wanted to make sure people were aware of the upcoming tours and enrollment deadlines. –Phillip If you’re considering middle schools for your child, consider researching option schools in addition to your neighborhood school. Option schools are an integral part of the Seattle […]

Pinehurst on Facebook

Our Facebook page is active these days, with 188 members and counting. If you are on Facebook, check it out – it’s a group called Pinehurst Seattle. It’s more interactive than this blog, and more timely. Recently someone let us know that his car was stolen. Someone found a chicken in his yard and asked […]

Update on Use of Lake City Fire Station 39

As of February 2013, the low-income and homeless family housing proposal at Fire Station 39 is on hold for several months while discussions to reach an agreement continue between the City and representatives of Pierre’s properties.

Background: The City’s preliminary recommendation for the disposition of the former Fire Station 39 is to build housing for […]