Recycling – What’s New?

Seattle Utilities is now allowing more stuff in our recycling bins. Here’s the scoop:

Large Plastic Items

Put plastic laundry baskets, molded plastic lawn chairs, and plastic tubs, bucket and storage containers directly into your recycling container. If they don’t fit in your cart, items less than 3’x3’x3′ can be set next to your recycling […]

Keep the Emerald City Green

Now that spring is here, here is some timely information about maintaining trees from the City of Seattle’s reLeaf program:

Trees bring life to Seattle. Some of the benefits of our tree canopy are:

Trees clean the air They can increase your home’s selling price by up to 20% They bring beauty and grandeur to […]

Free Holiday Tree Composting

If you subscribe to curbside food and yard waste collection you can put your trees and greens out on your regular collection day at no extra charges from December 26, 2015 through January 10, 2016. You can continue to set-out greens after January 10th with a fee charged for any greens outside to the cart.


Gigabit in Pinehurst Too

There have been a few articles recently about the fiber optic / Gigabit options being built out in Green Lake, Maple Leaf, and Victory Heights. It seems like CenturyLink continues to be very conservative about what they’ll commit to as they are exceeding their public estimates by a lot. Which really isn’t a bad thing. […]

CenturyLink Adds More Non-Pinehurst Neighborhoods for Gigabit

Gigabit Internet continues to expand to more neighborhoods in Seattle. Pinehurst still isn’t one of them, unfortunately. But it’s good to see continued progress. We’ve recently helped organize a lunch and learn and forum on Municipal Broadband and talked about Condo Internet who is also building fiber to the home options in other neighborhoods. A […]

Street Improvements Coming Soon

Some sidewalks are coming around 24th Avenue NE and Lake City Way. And there will soon be more safety features at NE 110th St and Lake City Way for Nathan Hale students crossing the street. More work is planned along the corridor at 14th/15th Avenues NE, 20th NE, NE 125th Street, NE 130th Street, NE […]

Draft Trees and Sidewalks Operations Plan Ready for Comments

So you’re out for a stroll in the neighborhood and you come across a sidewalk that’s starting to buckle. As you take a closer look, it’s easy to tell that the roots of the large, beautiful tree next to the sidewalk are the cause of the problem.

Street trees and sidewalks both play vital roles […]

NW Solar Now Workshop January 27

Another Chance for Better Internet?

When Gigabit Seattle was looking at neighborhoods the greater Northgate area was one of the ones under serious consideration. I heard that we had more signups expressing interest than any other neighborhood but one. That company wasn’t able to secure funding and so the plan didn’t happen. But there is a company with a much […]

Film Screening – Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power – Investigating the “Smart” Grid

Hot Yoga Inc. 11030 8th Ave NE, Seattle November 22 6:30, Free


For a bit of background, “Smart Meters” generally refers to Advanced Metering which Seattle City Light is currently investigating. There was a Forum at the Northgate Community Center in August with about […]