SPD Micro Community Policing Plans Report

SPD tunes its policing plan by precinct and neighborhood because it knows no two neighborhoods in Seattle are the same. The Micro Community Policing Plans (MCPP) were designed to address the needs of each community. The plans take a three prong approach that brings community engagement, crime data and police services together to get direct […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes – April 2017

This month the guest speakers were the three City Council Members who represent neighborhoods in the North Precinct – Rob Johnson, District 4, Debora Juarez, District 5 (Pinehurst is in D5), and Mike O’Brien, District 6.

They are all in favor of replacing the overcrowded and old precinct building, but are looking for ways to […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for March 2017

This month’s speaker was Sgt. Daniel Nelson from Seattle Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). It’s a team of 4 officers who follow up on incidents involving people in crisis, such as suicide attempts, mental health issues, some domestic violence, etc. There are thousands of these 911 calls a year, so the team can’t […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for February 2017

This month over 80 people attended! The guest speakers were on the Seattle and King County Heroin and Prescription Opiate Addiction Task Force. They told us their findings and recommendations. You may have heard that one recommendation is to open a couple safe injection sites where adults can use heroin with supervision. You can read […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for January 2017

This month’s guest speaker was the SPD North Precinct’s head of the Community Police Team, Sgt. Dianne Newsom. She explained how these officers handle long-term, often chronic problems specific to neighborhoods. Each officer has an area. Pinehurst is served by Bryan Kennedy, 206-233-3734, CPT officers work on problems called in by residents, so […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for December 2016


This month we had no guest speaker. Instead we had a social, and a poster session to document our public safety concerns, ideas for next year, etc.

A notable announcement by Captain O’Donnell is that the splitting of our precinct into two precincts has been put on pause. For all the news, read […]

Door-to-Door Sellers

Here is information about door-to-door sellers from Seattle Police Department. It was handed out at the North Precinct Advisory Council meeting.

Residential (Door-to-Door) Sellers

The person at your door may not be who they claim to be

Seattle officials would like to advise homeowners to take precautions when dealing with door-to-door salespeople. Although most of […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for November 2016

At this month’s meeting we didn’t have a guest speaker. Well, we did, but he canceled the night before. So instead, we learned more about the split of the North Precinct into two precincts. Area east of I-5 (that’s us) will remain North Precinct. West of I-5 will be Northwest Precinct. North will have […]

Sock Drive for Homeless Folks

North Precinct Advisory Council and the SPD North Precinct Community Police Team are collecting socks for their annual sock drive. They deliver them to various social services to hand out to homeless folks. If you would like to contribute, please take new socks to the North Precinct at 10049 College Way N, or see the […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for October 2016

This month the NPAC had a very interesting topic. Elliott Bronstein, from the Seattle Office of Civil Rights, explained the city’s Race and Social Justice Initiative. While Seattle is doing pretty well with diversity in city hiring, it has yet to completely root out institutional racism. This is so deeply embedded we can hardly see […]