Update on Lake City’s Fire Station #39 Site

Regarding the disposition of the old Fire Station #39 at the corner of NE 127th and 30th Ave NE, as you will recall, some time back the City proposed that the site be sold for development of homeless-transitional housing. Since then several civic planning groups have convened, from the Pierre properties “visioning” to formation of […]

Pinehurst School Variance Meeting on March 13

The Seattle School District is requesting a waiver (departure) from some City zoning regulations for the construction of a new Jane Addams K-8 @ Pinehurst. The District plans to demolish the existing school and construct a new Kindergarten thru 8th grade school including gym/commons, library, administrative offices, classrooms and other learning areas at 11530 12th […]

Pedestrian Zones in Pinehurst – Survey

The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is studying a variety of areas around the city to promote more walkable neighborhood business districts. This would involve adding a pedestrian designation to existing Neighborhood Commercial Zones.

By adding a pedestrian retail area designation to a neighborhood commercial (NC) zone, the aim is to:

Preserve […]

Seeking Volunteers for the Jane Addams K-8 Departure Advisory Committee!

Renee already posted this in the Facebook group but I wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to see it. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in the new Jane Addams School in Pinehurst and advise on zoning issues that affect the neighborhood.

Here’s your chance to serve on an advisory committee […]

Take the Northgate Urban Design Survey

Here’s an opportunity to weigh in on the Northgate Urban Design Framework (UDF). You can read the entire draft here, but you needn’t read it because the survey describes features on which it asks your opinion.

The UDF, developed with extensive community input, defines the future vision of the Northgate area.

The UDF’s guidance will:


Pinehurst K-8 School Considered By Landmarks Preservation Board

I thought this was probably of interest to people. There’s still a lot of time to comment but since the meeting is in the middle of the day I thought people might need more notice if they want to try to attend. I’ve included a copy of the attached invitation as well.

The Landmarks Preservation […]

Update on Use of Lake City Fire Station 39

As of February 2013, the low-income and homeless family housing proposal at Fire Station 39 is on hold for several months while discussions to reach an agreement continue between the City and representatives of Pierre’s properties.

Background: The City’s preliminary recommendation for the disposition of the former Fire Station 39 is to build housing for […]

525 NE Northgate Way Land Use Notice

There’s a new land use notice for 525 NE Northgate Way. This is the second design review meeting and many neighbors already gave feedback earlier. There isn’t too much changing here but I thought people would like to know what’s going on.

You can find more information on the full page:


Project: 3012842 […]

Meeting on Fire Station Use

The City has recommended using the former Lake City Fire Station 39 site to create housing for homeless and/or low-income families, with ground floor uses that serve building residents and the community at large. The City Council wants community feedback before it makes a decision on the property. These meetings provide an opportunity to give […]

Fire Station 39 Feedback Due Soon!

So there’s obviously some overlap in neighborhoods and thought many Pinehurst residents were probably interested in what is happening with the old Fire Station 39. I received the following information which has details on how you can submit feedback. Families for Lake City have their own form letter but please feel free to write your […]